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Futsal partnership given new life

This is following talks held between the SIFF president, William Lai, Brian Codrington representing the Dural Sports and Leisure Centre and the SISC held at SIFF last week. The discussions culminated in an understanding to further revisit a partnership which existed between SIFF and the SISC that has expired.
The previous partnership enabled the successful introduction of futsal in Solomon Islands including the formation of the basis of the Solomon Islands national futsal team – one of the most successful in the region. Training camps and other activities were organised as part of the partnership and Solomon Islands junior squads were allowed to play in Australian events.
Under the new framework it is anticipated that SIFF will sign a memorandum of understanding with SISC that will enable them to operate within the SIFF structure for the purpose of developing futsal throughout Solomon Islands. This will cover junior and youth player programmes as well coaching and other programmes and competitions.
SIFF is also examining the possibility of securing a partnership with Dural Sports and Leisure Centre to address development of futsal at the elite level. This includes training camps at the organisation’s Sydney based facilities which are among the top rated in the region.
Both Lai and Codrington were very hopeful when talking to the media about the possibility of SIFF and SISC/Dural Sports and Leisure Centre coming to an understanding.
Lai says that SIFF thanks SISC and the Dural Sports and Leisure Centre for the role that it has played in futsal development in the past and a new partnership is due for the future of the discipline.
“Firstly, I’d like to express my gratitude to Codrington for the work that his organisation has played to help futsal grow in Solomon Islands. I look forward with confidence that we will come to an understanding to work together and achieve more in the future,” Lai says.
Codrington thanked SIFF for their support and said that it is important that a partnership be formed to drive the new future of futsal in Solomon Islands.
“I think the time is now for us to act and it is better to act in partnership so we can collectively achieve our goals. While it will take us some time to raise Solomon Islands futsal to be strong again, I believe this country has the talent to be a great futsal nation for many years to come,” said Codrington.
The partnership proposal will be discussed by the SIFF executive committee in their next meeting.

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