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S-League resumes next weekend

As per the original schedule the competition was supposed to resume on Saturday 11th January but the delay will see a new kick-off date of January 18th. Club managers of the eight (8) clubs in the competition were informed in a meeting held yesterday.
Despite the delay the S-League management is confident that the competition will be completed according to the schedule sent to the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) in December.
Speaking on behalf of the S-League Board, Ian Rarawa of the Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) competitions department, explains that with careful management of catch up matches the league can be completed in time.
“The delay is unfortunate but it is necessary for Lawson Tama to be ready to handle the intensive program it will host over the next two months. We could be faced with further delays if we do not allow this important rehabilitation work to be completed,” Rarawa says.
“In terms of completing the league on time, there is pressure but there’s no reason we cannot finish according to the schedule we have set up. Despite this delay the deadline is still achievable.”
According to S-League schedule the competition is supposed to end in February with Solomon Islands club representative in the next edition of the OFC Champions League named. The OFC Champions League kicks off in April leaving a very slim window for the winner to prepare for the regional competition.
In the meantime work is continuing at Lawson Tama to ensure that the pitch can manage another seven rounds of football which features 28 matches over a period of two months.

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