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Hana 1 – Malaita Kingz 1

Two weeks ago Hana were second in the league table but now they slip to fourth place and missed the chance to cling to stay in the third place as the competition starts to heat up.
Futsal international Coleman Makau opened for Malaita Kingz just 25 minutes into the match with a drawing run that pulled the goalkeeper to one side before he fired to the far post. However, that was after he squandered an opportunity just minutes before.
With the teams going to neck to neck in the first stanza with possession no more goals could be scored by the time halftime caught up.
Hana were even more desperate in the second half as they piled everything against Batram Suri’s Malaita Kingz. The result was several yellow cards as pressure mounted and time started to run out.
Malaita Kingz were not excused from their share of mishaps as two opportunities to extend their lead were missed midway through the second half.
The cost was not fully realised until a cheap foul on Dalton Maesia led to Hana’s equaliser inside stoppage time. Maesia floated the ball into the penalty area and with all the Hana players but the goalkeeper there, it was no surprise that one of them got the header.
It was not the best performance from either side but Malaita Kingz will be ruing the result more than Hana who seemed content that they salvaged a point from the match.
Hana: 1 (Eusebius Mangi 90’ + 1’)
Malaita Kingz: 1(Coleman Makau 25’)
Halftime: 0-1
See below play by play text summary:
0’ The match starts
5’ Even start for the match as both sides try to get on the scoreboard early
20’ Coleman Makau tries his luck from distance but his shot bends away and goes out for a goalkick
25’ Goal Hana 0 – Malaita Kingz 1: Makau draws away from his marker and shoots past Timothy Mae’arasia for the first goal of the match
45’ Two minutes of additional time will be played
First half ends
Second half starts
58’ Dunstan Quanafia Jnr. hits the side of the net with a short distance attempt
61’ Mae’arasia moves out to deny Makau a chance to shoot scooping up the ball before the Malaita Kingz midfielder could get to it
79’ A back heel from Dalton Maesia sets Paul Waisi for a shot but the ball bends way and goes out
90’ Three minutes of stoppage time is added
90’ + 1’ Goal Hana 1 – Malaita Kingz 1: Eusebius Mangi heads a hopeful Maesia freekick into the net to equalise for Hana
The match ends

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