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SIFF Appeal Committee upheld Konofilia ban

The SIFF Appeal Committee has upheld the decision of the Disciplinary Committee regarding Joel Konofilia’s three years ban from all football-related activities.

The ban was for an assault incident in the Solomon Cup 2017 when Joel was coaching the Renbel Chiefs against Western Turtles on Saturday 16 June 2017.

Konofilia was represented by Samuel Balea of Mauri Lawyers who lodged an appeal against the SIFF Disciplinary Committee’s decision.

The Appeal Committee met on Monday 29 April 2019 to conclude with the following decisions:

a)    Maintain the decision of the Disciplinary Committee

b)    That the election of the President of SIFF should proceed without any delay

c)    That in any future events, SIFF should take immediate actions and prosecute any offenders who commit disciplinary offenses without a delay

Soccer in the Solomon Islands is widely referred to as an institution. An institution that is said to promote unity, discipline, and harmony.

However, the actions of the appellant are regarded as a threat to the institution as a whole and should not be left unpunished.

As head coach of Renbel at the time of the incident, Konofilia should have known better and uphold the Rules or Codes that governs and protects the interest and the development of the football in the Solomon Islands.

A precedent must be set to ensure that the institution of soccer and sport in whole is protected.

The SIFF Appeal Committee consisting of Shepherd Lapo (Chairman), John Muria Jnr (Deputy Chairman) and John Wasi (Member).

The SIFF Electoral Committee notified Konofilia of the final outcome of his nomination for the president post after a meeting today Monday 29th April 2019.

Members of the Electoral Committee in the meeting resolved that the nomination of Konofilia for the post of President of SIFF in the upcoming SIFF Elective Congress 2019 scheduled for Friday 3 May 2019 is now declared null and void.

Accordingly, Konofilia’s name shall be removed forthwith from the final list of approved candidates for the positions of the SIFF Executive Committee for the upcoming SIFF Elective Congress 2019.

This means Konofilia will serve a three-year ban effective from 4 July 2017 to 4 July 2020.

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