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Koloale 1 – Amicale 0

Starting line-up: 2. Israel K. Fanai; 3. Freddie Kini; 9. Benjamin Totori; 11. Ian Paia; 16. James Naka; 20. Shadrack Ramoni (GK); 13. Lency Saeni; 14. Augustine Samani; 12. Gideon Omokirio (C); 5. Samson Takayama; 15. Mostyn Beui Reserves: 21. David Lafai (GK); 10. Ezra Sale; 4. Cecil Buru; 23. Steve Anisi; 29. Abraham Eke Jnr.; 25. Francis Lafai; 30. Leonard Olea
Coach: Jeffery Allen (USA)
Starting line-up: 1. Ernest Bong; 6. Nelson Sale; 5. Richard Anisua; 3. Young Paul; 4. Selwyn Ala; 23. Samuela Kautoga; 7. Jean R. Yelou; 26. Alick Maemae; 13. Gibson Daudau; 11. Fennedy Masauvakalo; 10. Joachim Waroi Reserves: 21. 20. Chikau Mansale; 2. Rexley Tarivuti; 15. Alphonse Bongnaim; 30. Pascal Chabod; 9. Derek Malas; 14. Moffat Dermoa; 17. Jean Naprapol
Coach: William Malas (VAN)
Match officials:
Referee: Nick Waldron
1st Assistant Referee: Jackson Akoeasi
2nd Assistant Referee: Hugo Hebala
Fourth Official: John Saohu
0’00” Match kicks off.
2’00” The first shot of the match comes from Joachim Waroi but it is easily dealt with by Shadrack Ramoni.
2’35” CAUTION: The first yellow card of the game is given to Alick Maemae of Amicale.
5’50” Waroi again takes a powerful shot from just inside the Koloale 18 yard box but it goes just wide.
9’55” A cross from Gibson Daudau almost finds Maemae in the box but the midfielder just misses the header.
11’11” Waroi misses his third opportunity after a through ball finds him behind the Koloale defenders but he shoots wide.
15’00” Defensively Koloale are finding it difficult against the determination of Amicale to go in front early. All the chances so far have been Amicale and most of the game is being played inside the Koloale territory.
15’30” The fourth chance of the game is missed by Waroi from right in front of goal. The cross was from Ala on the left.
17’00” SUBSTITUTION: Koloale bring in Cecil Buru in place of Samson Takayama.
18’45” Benjamin Totori wins a free kick for Koloale, the local crowd is happy. The shot is direct but it is way over the cross bar.
30’00” Another free kick falls to Koloale but the attempt is over the cross bar again.
31’23” Amicale are awared a free kick in a dangerous position. Maemae lines up the kick but Buru goes high to head the ball away.
32’16” Koloale win a corner kick after good pressure from Totori. Totori takes the corner kick but it is cleared away to safety.
36’09” Fennedy Masauvakalo misses a volley inside the Koloale 6-yard box.
36’56” Freddie Kini denies Waroi a chance to score when he blocked the strikers shot at point blank range.
38’22” Totori chases a pass into the Amicale goal with a strong run but Nelson Sale and Ernest Bong prevent the goal by crowding the striker away from the goalmouth.
42’34” A Koloale corner kick is saved by Bong who employed a punch to get the ball away.
43’13” Maemae is set up by Richard Anisua inside the Koloale penalty box and he shoots but Ramoni makes a good save.
44’23” James Naka almost gets a goal for Koloale but the shot is saved by Bong.
The first half ends.
The second half resumes.
50’00” Five minutes into the second half neither side has yet stamped their control.
51’03” The first chance of the second half falls to Koloale. Saeni is the one with the but he turns the ball too much and it goes wide.
52’23” CAUTION: Nelson Sale is yellow carded for using his hand to control the ball. The freekick goes to waste as Totori sends the shoot too far to the side.
53’54” Waroi and Masauvakalo break free from the Koloale chasers and move in dangerously but the eventual shot it too easy for Ramoni.
58’09” Samuela Kautoga finishes a good build up by Amicale with a shot to the near post but it bends away and Koloale escape again.
58’51” SUBSTITUTION: Joachim Waroi is replaced by Jean N. Naprapol.
60’00” Naprapol gets in on the action and almost scores but his shot bends away but Amicale get another chance through Gibson Daudau but this time Saeni moves in to block the shot.
61’32 A corner kick from Amicale goes out of play after hitting the goalpost.
62’23” Koloale are awarded a free kick after Kautoga elbows Naka in the back while going for a header. Naka takes his own freekick but the ball goes too high.
64’18” Another Amicale corner kick does not find its target and the Koloale defenders clear the ball away.
66’02” Amicale build up on the left and Daudau finishes with a shot but the Koloale defenders clear away.
67’00” SUBSTITUTION: Koloale replace the injured Benjamin Totori with Ezra Sale.
70’00” SUBSTITUTION: Richard Anisua is replaced by Rexley Tarivuti for Amicale.
71’31” Paia meets a cross from Saeni with a header but he only finds the side netting.
72’46” EXPULSION: Alick Maemae is sent off for receiving his second yellow of the game.
73’30” SUBSTITUTION: Ian Paia is replaced by Abraham Eke Jnr. for Koloale.
75’30” Ezra Sale hits in a cross on the right but it goes wide.
78’27” A lovely through pass from the Amicale midfield puts Naprapol free for but Ramoni comes out to deny the striker.
79’37” EXPULSION: Amicale are down to 9 men as Nelson Sale is also sent off.
80’40” Amicale are awarded a free kick after a foul by Eke Jnr. Tarivutu shoots for goal but Ramoni saves easily.
82’45” Ezra Sale misses a cross right in front of goal and the ball sails harmlessly across and goes out for a throw in.
85’56” CAUTION: Lency Saeni is given a yellow card for trying to tap the ball into the Amicale goal.
87’30” GOAL: Ezra Sale puts Koloale in front. Gideon Omokirio started the break and found Naka on the left who crossed in for Sale to finish.
88’40” Naprapol shoots from distance and Ramoni makes a good save to deny his effort.
90’00” 4 minutes of stoppage time is added.
90′ + 1′ Koloale try to eat up time by playing with passes in their own half but Amicale are still searching for the equaliser and remain dangerous to the home side.
The match ends. Koloale book their first win of the season.

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