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Kirios 23-woman squad announced

Shortly after the naming of the men’s national team, Bonitos, focus was shifted to the women’s team as Inifiri proceeded to read out the names of the players in his squad. Inifiri’s list was finalised in June but an announcement was delayed so that the lists for both the men’s and women’s team can be released at the same time.
The Kirios list, as the women’s team is known locally, included 5 new and former players including the striking pair of Vanessa Inifiri and Laydah Samani who both missed the 2010 Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) Women’s Nations Cup due to personal commitments. The inclusion of Inifiri (Vanessa) and Samani is expected to strengthen the attack of the Kirios and cause problems for opposition defenders.
Also making the cut is U-17 defender Cathy Aihunu. Aihunu is making her name as one of the top defenders in the women’s game in Solomon Islands and her ability to turn the game on the opposition from her own defensive area will serve the team well. Joining Aihunu in defence are Margaret Belo and Margareth Daudau.
Inifiri (Timothy) also used the press conference to inform the public about the preparations of the team and says that overall he is satisfied that the women’s team is ready for the Pacific Games.
“We have put the squad in place in good time and we have been able to work them into the style of playing that we want. I am confident that the team is ready for the Pacific Games. We can match the big names in this competition,” Inifiri says.
Inifiri was forced to justify the participation of the women’s team after a member of the media questioned the performance of the team in past international competitions. In his reply Inifiri points out that the women’s team has attended less than 5 international competitions in its history and their record is improving with each showing.
“It was only recently that Solomon Islands started sending a women’s team at the national level to international competitions and it goes without saying that each time we participated we have improved against the top sides in the pacific. This is another opportunity for us to move up against our opponents, eventually Solomon Islands will get to be among the best sides in the pacific in the women’s game,” Inifiri says.
The Kirios have been benefitting from a preparation program that features them playing matches against local men’s teams including the popular Dragons and Kikaraon club which consists of retired football players. A strong fitness regime under the supervision of Fa’amoana Topue is also helping the team achieve its fitness goals.
Kirios squad
1. Betty Sade – Solomon Warriors
2. Annie Geli – Marist
1. Rose Gwali – Solomon Warriors
2. Audrey Jack – Marist
3. Everlyn Asibara – Solomon Warriors
4. Brenda Masae – Solomon Warriors
5. Belinda Susana – Koloale
6. Cathy Aihunu
7. Margaret Belo – Solomon Warriors
8. Gael Donga – Solomon Warriors (non-traveller)
9. Margareth Daudau (non-traveler)
1. Betty Maenu – Marist
2. Mary Maefiti – Koloale
3. Sally Saeni – Junior Flamingo
4. Ella Misibini – Solomon Warriors
5. Ileen Pegi – Solomon Warriors
6. Crystal Bwakolo – Koloale
7. Mesalyn Saepio – Koloale
1. Laydah Samani – Solomon Warriors
2. Vanessa Inifiri
3. Prudence Fula – Solomon Warriors
4. Alice Billy – Solomon Warriors
5. Veronica Tolivaka – Marist (non-travelling)

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