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Bonitos Pacific Games squad named

Members of the media and the officials from the Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) were on hand to witness the reading out of the names at a press conference organised especially for the announcement. Given that public interest was already hitting boiling point none of the media organisations passed up the opportunity to be present as the print media would be guaranteed a sell out.
Head coach of the Bonitos, as the national football team in Solomon Islands is also known as, Jacob Moli, had the attention of the room and he chose only to make a brief statement before naming the players. Moli states that his line-up is put together with the interest of balancing the experience of the older players and the speed of the young pace setters.
“We had ample time to assess the players and review our decisions over them and the major factors that played a role in the naming of the team were speed and experience. We are trying to play an attacking game but we require an experienced and solid defence to back it up,” Moli says.
Only 20 players will be making the trip to New Caledonia so the list does include 5 non-travellers. However, the team management has decided to keep mum on who the 5 are saying that the final announcement on the travellers will be made prior to their departure.
“At this stage we do not want any player to ease up on his commitment to training because he is a non-traveller and nor do we want anybody to take their place in the team for granted. All players are expected to work at the same rate and we think that the best way of doing this is not to reveal the final 20 now,” Moli says.
Moli kept the trio of Shadrack Ramoni, Jimmy Qwaina and veteran Severino Aefi in the goalkeeping department and this went with general expectations. Ramoni and Aefi are experienced goalkeepers at the international level with the latter having represented Solomon Islands on and off for the last 22 years. Qwaina is new but he is touted as the next top keeper in the country and he is learning quickly under the watchful eye of Aefi who recently attended a FIFA goalkeeping instructor course in Auckland, New Zealand.
In defence there are only 2 new faces in Hadisi Aengari and Timothy Joe who have risen to join the ranks of the experienced George Suri, Gideon Omokirio and Nelson Sale amongst others. The list for defenders surely does reflect Moli’s intention to rely on experience for keeping away the opposition but this choice is surely a gamble against the pace of the speedy strikers generally favoured nowadays.
Henry Fa’arodo Jnr. and Stanley Waita will be controlling the midsection of the team and this is where Moli’s philosophy of having a young attacking unit in front becomes more apparent. Jeffery Bule and Joses Nawo are known for their speed and both will be will complemented by Joachim Waroi who breaks in through the centre at a similar pace to the Koloale duo. The interesting name among the midfielders is James Naka who normally plays as a striker but that is the luxury coaches have with players like him as he can be shifted from the left wing to the any of the striking positions should the need arise.
The finishers in the squad are Benjamin Totori, Joe Luwi, Abraham Iniga and the young Ian Paia who trails far behind the first 3 in terms of international experience but the O-League has given him important match time against foreign opposition. His inclusion in the team may have been based on his consistency in training and his meritorious performance in the Telekom S-League where he finished as the golden boot runner-up with 15 goals.
The bulk of the information the public was hungry to receive was pried out of the team management during question time as the media took the opportunity to delve deeper into the team set up and the progress of its preparations. Interestingly, however, the media did not bother about the specifics regarding the players in the team.
Most notable of the questions centred on Solomon Island’s finish at the 2007 in South Pacific Games and how it will affect the team in the upcoming competition. In his reply Moli states that the current team is looking at their past performance as a point for motivation.
“This team does not want to dwell on the past, we are looking at our objectives for the future and the challenges which we have to overcome to get them. That is what we are working on. We only acknowledge the past as a basis upon which we want to build upon and get better from,” Moli says.
The Bonitos are planning a spate of local friendly matches with local clubs in the remaining 2 weeks before they leave for New Caledonia.
Solomon Bonitos
1. Shadrack Ramoni – Koloale (SOL)
2. Jimmy Qwaina – Hana (SOL)
3. Severino Aefi – KOSSA (SOL)
1. Hadisi Aengari – Solomon Warriors (SOL)
2. Samson Takayama – Koloale (SOL)
3. Aleck Wickham – Western United(SOL)
4. Tome Faisi – KOSSA (SOL)
5. Seni Ngava – KOSSA (SOL)
6. Timothy Joe – Western United SOL)
7. Nelson Sale – Amicale (VAN)
8. Gideon Omokirio – Koloale
9. George Suri – Koloale (SOL)
1. Henry Fa’arodo Jnr. – Koloale (SOL)
2. Joe Manu – Hana (SOL)
3. Mostyn Beui – Koloale (SOL)
4. Joses Nawo – Koloale (SOL)
5. Jeffery Bule – Koloale (SOL)
6. Michael Fifii – Canterbury United (NZL)
7. Stanley Waita – Amicale (VAN)
8. Joachim Waroi – Marist Fire (SOL)
9. James Naka – Rewa (FIJ)
1. Joe Luwi – Tafea (VAN)
2. Abraham Iniga – Marist Fire (SOL)
3. Benjamin Totori – Koloale (SOL)
4. Ian Paia – Koloale (SOL)

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