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Koloale 6 – Marist Fire 1

Marist Fire used the guest player allowance in the Telekom S-League to register additional players and brought on Clifford Huta and John Wayne into their line up while Koloale decided to keep the team that proved devastating to their opponents in the first round.
It took Koloale only five minutes to take the lead with Benjamin Totori opening scoring after Ian Paia set up a through pass to the running forward who slammed the ball past Navusu Kitu.
Totori’s goal seemed to spark the Marist Fire defenders into action since they stepped up their defending to keep Koloale at bay at least until the second half but they were kept busy as the shots came pounding from Joses Nawo and Henry Fa’arodo Jnr.
Ben Hibiscus almost equalised for Marist Fire in the 27th minute but his shot was met with a good save from Shadrack Ramoni.
Second half slaughter
The second half was something that Marist Fire fans will want to quickly forget as the Koloale front pack went on a rampage under the leadership of Totori who bagged 3 more goals to bring his match total to 4.
Steve Anisi made his contribution to Koloale’s haul in the 49th minute sending a weighted chip over the Marist Fire goalkeeper for an easy goal for the midfielder and things went further south from there when Totori added the third goal after just 3 minutes.
An error by Arnold Olisanau saw Koloale’s lead increase to 4 to nothing in the 60th minute when he ran a cutback pass from Jeffery Bule into his own goal but Koloale did not appear to be satisfied as they continued pushing for more goals.
Totori struck again in the 69th minute when he stole the ball midair from a Marist Fire defender before slamming it into the back of the net to the applause of the Koloale fans who were out in force at Lawson Tama.
Koloale’s goal scoring exercise was punctuated by Marist Fire’s only goal of the game when Joachim Waroi managed to send the ball the right way following a free kick take on the right in the 76th minute and a few minutes later he had the chance to score again from a penalty kick but his shot was blocked by Ramoni and the clearance from the Koloale defenders quickly followed.
The final say in the match came from Koloale’s man of the moment, Totori, who scored his final goal of the match at the end of regulation time to bring his Telekom S-League tally to 17 goals.

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