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Sixty Just Play trainers graduate in Marovo

The training workshops were part of the extension of Just Play in Marovo and followed up on the pilot project carried out in the region a year ago. Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) Just Play instructor, Christopher Asipara conducted the training for the participants at Seghe in central Marovo. Accompanying Asipara were the SIFF special projects manager, Phillip Ohoto’ona, and regional coordinator for Malaita, Gabriel Riotarau.
The training was spread over 2 segments to cater for the large number of participants. The first workshop was held on Tuesday and Wednesday and the second one ran from Thursday to Friday. Both workshops provided the same level of training and opened with an introduction into the Just Play philosophy and the role of football as a social development tool.
The afternoon of the first day and the second day were more concerned with the technical aspects of football and covered ball-handling skills such as passing, shooting and agility and motor skills. Both training workshops were ended with a tournament which gave the teachers and children an opportunity to share their knowledge and experience.
Asipara said he was inspired by the enthusiasm of the participants and said that they were not the only ones who learned something new during the workshop.
“The enthusiasm of the participants has made the workshop enjoyable and at the same time educational for the participants and myself. There are some valuable insights that were shared here that I have taken on board for future planning,” Asipara said.
According to the Ohoto’ona the successful ending to the training program in Marovo summed up a number of little triumphs for Just Play.
“The three things that marked the success of the training we conducted was improved program organisation, improved delivery of training and most important of all an increased number of people were trained. All these were things we wanted to do better when we reviewed Just Play in June this year and am happy that we have achieved this quite early,” Ohoto’ona said.
Ohoto’ona also took the opportunity to thank the schools and communities that assisted with the training workshops.
“There was a great community spirit and cooperation towards the workshops that were held and the Just Play program in general in Marovo. The presence of community volunteers in the training workshops highlights this interest and I can see true ownership being displayed here,” Ohoto’ona said.
The teacher and community volunteers are now awaiting arrival of their equipment to start their training programs. The shipment will arrive next month so the training programs will start in January. Jeffery Ngasi, the regional coordinator for Just Play in Marovo will be supervising the program in the region once it begins.
The Just Play program is a social responsibility program developed by the OFC. It is aimed at using football as to for education, health and other social development initiatives. The Just Play program is funded by the Australian Government.

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