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Matches cancelled due to rain

Staff from the Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) turf department inspected the pitch this morning and advised the competitions department to cancel and reschedule the fixtures for the day to another time. The call came from the SIFF turf manager, Reuben Oimae who hinted that overcast conditions in the morning meant that the field will not dry up in time for the 2 matches.
“The pitch is soaked following the rain last night and this morning and we do not want to risk damaging it because we are only halfway through the first round of the S-League,” Oimae said. “We were hoping for strong sunlight once day broke but the sky remained overcast and, hence, the condition has not improved.”
Following this advice all the clubs concerned were informed about the cancellations. Matches for tomorrow, however, remain on schedule but it depends on whether any change on the weather pattern is forthcoming. Clubs are advised to listen out for information from the SIFF competitions department on the new dates for the postponed matches.
The postponed matches today bring the total number of catch-up matches to four (4) and this is likely to force an extension in the schedule for the first round of the S-League.

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