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Honiara Just Play workshops completed

A total of 11 schools took part in the first workshop which was conducted over 2 days from Tuesday 26 to Wednesday 27 October, 2011. The second workshop also involved 11 schools and was started yesterday and completed today.
The workshops were used to introduce teachers to Just Play and gave them guidelines on how the programme can be run in their schools with practical sessions added for the teachers’ practice.
Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) Just Play coordinator, Collin Tuaa, supervised the workshops with assistance from local technical staff from the Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF).
Tuaa is satisfied with the work that has been carried out in Honiara during the last few days saying that the signs for Just Play in Solomon Islands are very positive.
“This programme fits in well with the SIFF development strategy and I am happy with the enthusiasm shown by stakeholders here,” Tuaa says.
Tuaa also commended SIFF for taking ownership of Just Play saying that the local staff appointed by the Federation to assist in the workshops will be able to facilitate the expansion of the programme to the provinces.
Third Secretary of the Australian High Commission to Solomon Islands, William Ewing, said in his address at the closing ceremony of the second workshop that Just Play is an important segment of the partnership between the Australian government and football and is one that benefits from are quickly being seen.
Ewing also called upon the teachers to implement the programme well because the expansion of Just Play will be modelled upon the success of the programme in Honiara.
SIFF Special Projects Manager, Phillip Ohoto’ona, says that he is happy and satisfied with the positive attitude shown by teachers who participated in both workshops.
“Not only have the teachers received but they have given to Just Play by sharing their views and ideas about the future of the programme in Solomon Islands. For SIFF this is already a sign of success,” says Ohoto’ona.
One of the participants in the course Ribbie Lio from Bokona Primary School said that Just Play will be very easy for teachers to deliver to their students because of its design which has implications beyond football.
“Just Play will help me as a teacher because its design has given me new ideas about how I can plan classes for my students,” Lio says adding also that Just Play is “… a very good programme because it brings more value into the enjoyment of children.”
The schools took part in the first workshop were: Tamlan Primary School, Woodford International School, Florence Young Primary School, Kukum SDA Primary School, Burns Creek Primary School, St. Nicholas Primary School, Palm Drive Primary School, Naha – SDA Primary, School Lau Valley Primary school, SITTC School and Norman Palmer School.
The schools in the second workshop were: White River Primary School, Mbokona Primary School, Mbokonavera Primary School, Koloale School Primary School, Mbua Valley Primary School, Mt Horab Primary School, Vura School Primary School, Panatina Primary School, Ilia Primary School, Naha Primary School and Tuvaruhu Primary School.
The Just Play equipment for the schools will arrive in Honiara Tuesday next week and will be distributed on Thursday and Friday.
The Just Play programme is funded by the Australian government.

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