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SIFF, Solomon Airlines sign new partnership

The agreement, which was official signed by SIFF president, William Lai and acting CEO of Solomon Airlines, Gus Kraus, last Wednesday establishes a one year union between the national sport and the national air carrier commencing 1 January, 2016 pointing to an optimistic start for the new year on both sides.
The signing concludes extensive negotiations which covered the best part of the second half of 2015 as both parties searched for a best fit relationship. It is envisaged that the partnership agreement will offer greater returns for both SIFF and Solomon Airlines through promotions, special packages and other activities.
Essentially, the partnership commits Solomon Islands national teams to travelling with Solomon Airlines on international routes which it operates. In return, Solomon Airlines will offer special rates for the teams and also other special services for football related travel.
Lai praises the partnership saying that it is a win-win deal for football in Solomon Islands and Solomon Airlines because the core of the agreement is about working together for shared interests.
“This partnership stems from our sincere desire to work together to achieve goals that through the business of travel inextricably link us. Solomon Airlines can help us attain more for our sport and we can also help them grow their profile internationally,” Lai says.
“We thank the management of Solomon Airlines for working openly with us towards this agreement. We feel privileged to work with our national airline and we hope that this partnership can expand in the coming future.”
Kraus underlines that the partnership is about shared growth for SIFF and Solomon Airlines and with success, it could be even bigger in the future.
“We see that SIFF is moving the sport of football forward and we want to be part of the good news in the development and achievement of their goals. Also we see there is no reason why our relationship cannot grow from strength to strength in the future but our target is to ensure 2016 shows the results we both desire”, says Kraus.
Solomon Airlines and SIFF previously operated a similar partnership in 2009.

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