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Solomon Islands 2 v Tahiti Nui 0

Starting line-ups:
Solomon Islands
1. Samson Koti (GK), 2. Haddis Aengari, 3. Nelson Kilifa, 4. Tome Faisi, 6. Leslie Nate, 7. Henry Fa’arodo Jnr. (C), 9. Benjamin Totori, 13. Mostyn Beui, 14. Joses Nawo, 16. Himson Teleda, 21. Emmanuel Poila Subs: 20. Paul Huia (GK), 5. Freddie Kini, 8. Jeffery Bule, 10. Joe Luwi, 11. Ian Paia, 12, Gagame Feni, 15. Jack Wetney, 17. Paul Hiri, 18. Seni Ngava, 19.Lon Garaba, 22. Willie Lamani, 23.Joachim Waroi
Coach: Jacob Moli (SOL)
Tahiti Nui
23. Xavier Samin (GK), 2. Alvin Tehau, 4. Teheivarii Ludivon, 7. Henri Caroine, 10. Nicholas Vala (C), 11. Stanley Atani, 13. Steevy Chong Hue, 15. Sebastian Labayen, 17. Jonathan Tehau, 19. Vincent Simon, 20. Yannick Vero Subs: 1. Gilbert Meriel (GK), 3. Touraa Marmouyet, 5. Ariihau Teriitau, 9. Teaonui Tehau, 14.Roihau Degage, 16. Efrain Araneda, 18. Axel Williams
Coach: Eddy Etaeta (SOL)
Match officials:
Referee: Jamie Cross (NZL)
Assistant Referee1: Jan-Hendrik Hintz (NZL)
Assistant Referee 2: Ravinesh Kumar (FIJ)
Fourth Official: Rakesh Varman (FIJ)
0’ Referee Jamie Cross signals kickoff and the match gets underway.
2′ The first corner kick off the match is awarded to Solomon Islands and Himson Teleda delivers into the box but the Tahiti Nui defence clear away.
5′ The opening 5 minutes has been all Solomon Islands but nothing promising is to be produced by the hosts as Tahiti Nui staunchly keep them at bay.
7′ The first shot of the match is a lacklustre effort from Joses Nawo on the far side but it does not trouble Xavier Samin.
9′ A free kick is awarded to Tahiti Nui just past the halfway mark but Teleda blocks and the Solomon Islands fans breathe a sigh of relief.
13′ A promising cross is made by Vincent Simon for Tahiti Nui but Samson Koti deals with it easily.
14′ Substitution: Tahiti Nui make an early substitution as Henri Caroine is replaced by Efrain Araneda.
16′ Solomon Islands are given a freekick 20 yards out from the Tahiti Nui goal and Henry Fa’arodo crosses to find Mostyn Beui who does not connect well with his header and are safe.
17′ Goal: Solomon Islands captain Henry Fa’arodo Jnr. puts Solomon Islands in front with a shot after Benjamin Totori made it easy for him with a cross from the right.
19′ Play is stopped for Araneda to receive medical attention after clashing with Solomon Islands goalkeeper Koti in a fifty-fifty chase for the ball.
21′ A foul by Steevy Chong Hue results in a Solomon Islands freekick in a dangerous position but Tahiti Nui clear it away easily.
23′ Play is stopped as row erupts in the centre of the field following a foul by Leslie Nate.
24′ Yellow card: Leslie Nate is yellow carded and Hue of Tahiti Nui is also booked for reacting.
29′ Alvin Tehau almost draws 1 back for Tahiti Nui but Koti makes a finger tip save to deny him. A corner kick follows but Jonathan Tehau heads wide.
31′ A freekick is awarded to Tahiti Nui 30 yards from the Solomon Islands goal. The effort from Yanick Vero sails high above the cross bar and Solomon Islands maintain their slender lead.
32′ Yellow card: Sebastian Labayan is yellow carded.
36′ Corner kick for Solomon Islands is taken by Himson Teleda, but cleared by Tahiti
38′ Strike by Himson Teleda just goes wide of the Tahitian left side goal
40′ Foul by Sebastian Labayan on Benjamin Totori result in a free kick for Solomon Islands just near the half way line
42′ Foul by Himson Teleda on Stanley Atani
43′ The resultant free kikc goes far and wide
44′ Foul on Sebastian Labayan by Emmabuel Poila
45′ Red card: Nicholas Vallar is red carded for a reckless tackle on Henry Fa’arodo after the Solomon Captain is through on goal with just the keeper to beat
45′ Additional time is 3 minutes
45′ + 2′ Good Shot from Vincent Simon from outside the 18 yard box but excellently parried to safety by Samson Koti
45′ + 3′ The referee signals the end of the first half
45′ Refree signals the start of the second half
47′ Offside by Steevy Chong Hue
49′ Good break by Benjamin Totori but cleared by Tahiti Defenders
50′ Offside by Alvin Tehau
51′ Strike from Joese Nawo after good build up by Solomon Islands is cleared by Xavier Samin
52′ Yellow card: Mostyn Beui is yellow carded for late tackle on Stanley Atani.
59′ Goal: Himson Teleda extends Solomon Islands’ lead to 2 to nothing after exchanging short passes on the right with Fa’arodo Jnr. and letting loose a shot past the Tahiti Nui goalkeeper.
60′ Substitution: Yannick Vero is replaced by Tauraa Marmouyet.
65′ A free kick is awarded to Solomon Islands after Fa’arodo Jnr. is fouled right on the centre line.
67′ Play is halted for a water break.
71′ Play is continued but with a new referee as match referee Jamie Cross replaced by Rakesh Varman.
74′ A cross from Nawo finds Teleda on the far side but the winger could not make the header.
75′ Substitution: Efrain Arenada is replaced by Teaonui Tehau for Tahiti Nui.
77′ A corner kick for Solomon Islands is delivered by Nawo but the balls misses all the players and Tahiti Nui try to turn it into a counter attack.
78′ A long range effort from Nawo just misses the Tahiti Nui goal by millimetres.
80′ A strong build from Tahiti Nui results in a strong shot Hue but Nelson Sale quickly moves in and clears the ball away.
83′ Solomon Islands return the favour with another drive forward but the final pass from Fa’arodo is missed by Teleda. Rain clouds are now covering Lawson Tama stadium and a downpour is imminent.
86′ Substitution: Jack Wetney comes on to replace Henry Fa’arodo Jnr. The crowd cheers the Solomon Islands captain off the field.
87′ Beui is fouled and a freekick is used by Solomon Islands to go forward but the Tahiti Nui goalkeeper settles the situation with a comfortable save.
88’A corner kick is won by Tahiti Nui after Hue’s freekick is not cleared away. Teaonui Tehau makes the cross none of his teammates could get to the end of it.
90′ Additional time of 5 minutes will be played.
90′ + 2′ Fancy footwork from Wetney leaves Ian Paia free behind the Tahiti Nui backline but the effort from the Koloale striker is wide off the mark.
90′ + 4′ Solomon Islands try to waste time by passing the ball around in their own half while Tahiti Nui are content to keep their lines and keep Solomon Islands from getting a third.
The fulltime whistle is blown.

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