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Senior players called for workshop

As part of preparations for the Pacific Games in August this year SIFF is organising 2 workshops, one for each national team.
The workshops will be conducted by Helmut Kronjager and Matthias Schwaizer and are aimed at helping players understand their roles as individuals and team members on the field and also covers techniques targeting specific areas like shooting and passing.
The program for the senior men’s national team will start on Monday 7 February and the women’s team will start theirs a week later.
According to Wagapu the training workshop will be very helpful for the teams since Kronjager and Schwaizer are very experienced coaches and they bring with them modern techniques in the delivery of the coaching.
“I strongly urge players to turn up for this opportunity because it will not be available to them every year,” Wagapu says.
“Additionally I want our players to know that this is an important part of our preparations for the Pacific Games and all must attend the sessions that are planned for them.”
Men’s national team head coach, Jacob Moli, joined Wagapu in stressing the importance of the training program for members of both national teams.
“The coaching team will be there to learn from Helmut and Matthias but really this is for the players so I want everybody to turn up. If we want a competitive edge against our opponents in the Pacific Games this where we start,” Moli says.
Members of both national teams are informed to contact the SIFF head office if they require release letters to attend the workshops.

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