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Extras called to join Bonitos

The decision was made by Bonitos head coach Jacob Moli who says that so far his squad is barely able to make 20 players in one training session and it is concerning for him.
“We had only a limited number of players turn up for training and this makes it difficult for us to hold proper sessions. I feel that we need to have at least 22 players in each training session so we can have practice games,” Moli says.
Another 15 players have been called by Moli, mostly from Telekom S-League clubs like Hana and Koloale. The additional players will be expected to boost training but the issue remains to be resolved for players who have not attended training.
According to Moli the team that will be named only from players who attend training and the management will not hesitate to go forward with what it has.
“From the start we have stood by the rule that attendance is paramount. There is no other avenue for us to call the team from but from our training sessions, hence, it is important for players to turn up otherwise, their place will go to others,” Moli says.
The additional players called are: Fred Fakarii, Arnold Keni and Roland Pweka of Hana, Ezra Sale, Tinoni Ratu, Sammy Ramoni and Augustine Samani of Koloale, Augustine Toimae, Lyson Wate and Paul Hiri of Real Kakamora, Coleman Makau and John Anita of Western United and Hudson Felani, Clifford Wate and David Ramosaea of KOSSA.
The Bonitos are training for their two final matches in the 2014 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers on March 22 and 26 against Tahiti Nui (away) and New Zealand (home) respectively.

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