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Hana 0 – Western United 1

Below is the match summary:
Hana: 11. Gabrial Kavere, 5. Godwin Fugui, 7. Remarx Kwaria, 20. Christopher Moia, 19. Jeffery Henry, 10. Cornelly Rata, 1. Jimmy Qwaina (GK), 4. Martin Saleimanu, 18. Joe Manu, 6. Ian Sida, 16. Sam Maena Subs: 2. Davidson Tome, 21. Alex Maekae, 17. Ramo Niuga, 25. Robin Mepirke
Western United: 21. Nathan Kera, 20. Hickley Rence, 2. Leonard Rokoto, 9. Junior Selwyn, 7. Himson Teleda, 4. John Anita, 15. Derol Melo, 11. Aleck Wickham, 8 Michael Boso, 19. John Iani, 22. Felix Ray Jnr. (GK) Subs: 3. Coleman Makau, 10. Jilini Alo, 17. Silas Samo, 1. Michael Maenu
0min Referee signals kick off
1.30mins Nathan Kera sends in a header from a free kick but it goes wide
3.44mins John Anita gives away a free kick for his foul on Sam Maena but Hana do not make full use of it
5mins No scores yet in the first 5 minutes but Western United appear to be the stronger side. They have already missed several scoring opportunities.
8mins Hana have come back strongly into the game making good runs into the Western United penalty area. Cornelly Rata is doing well on the flanks for Hana
10.55mins Kera receives a pass in a good position from Hickley Rence on the left but he is ruled offside
11.28mins Western United win a corner and Anita sends in a cross which is too low and the Hana defenders deal with it easily
13.38mins Hana build up a good attacking move but the shot does not come as Western United defenders crowd the penalty box. A corner kick follows but an easy clearing header was made by Aleck Wickham
14.20mins Himson Teleda makes a good cross on the counter attack but Hickley Rence does not get there in time to finish the effort
17.20mins Geoffrey Henry heads in a cross from Godwin Bebeu which goes off target just by a couple of inches.
20mins Hana have dominated the last 10 minutes of play but they are not able to score
23.3mins Remarx Kwaria has a shooting chance for Hana but Michael Boso gets there in time to block the shot
25.30mins Rata wins a free kick but his cross goes high above the crossbar to the dismay of Hana supporters
26.20mins Nathan Kera thinks he has broken the deadlock with his effort but the second assistant referee rules him offside
29.13mins Western United are coming back into the game with force as they look to score before the halftime break
34.40mins Both teams are not able to find good scoring opportunities with strong defenders on either side
37.58mins Another Western United goal is ruled offside
42mins SUBSTITUTION: Sam Maena is replaced by Alex Maekae for Hana
44.26mins Joe Manu is ruled offside before he could take a shot from a good position inside the Western United penalty area
45mins 2 minutes of additional time will be played
Referee signals the end of the first half
48mins Western United squander a good scoring opportunity by using too many passes and the Hana defenders are able to recover and make the clearance
51mins A corner kick for Western United is latched on to by Selwyn Junior but his shot goes high above the cross bar for a Hana goal kick
55mins The ball is being exchanged rapidly as both sides struggle to control play and attack through the midfield
59.50mins SUBSTITUTION: Selwyn Junior is replaced by Coleman Makau for Western United
65mins SUBSTITUTION: Jimmy Qwaina is replaced by Robin Mepirke for Hana
66mins Western United is able to clear the ball away from their area after a sustained attack from Hana which does not result in any goals despite some good chances coming for them
68.25mins John Anita lets in a powerful shot but it goes wide
69mins Western United win a free kick outside the Hana penalty box. Coleman Makau lines up the kick and goes for goal but it does not have the power and Robin Mepirke is able to make an easy save
71mins On the other end of the field Christopher Moia tries to put in a pass for Godwin Bebeu but Aleck Wickham comes out and picks up the ball before Bebeu could get to it and puts the ball to safety
72.50mins John Anita takes a free kick but it goes too low and the Hana defenders clear for a counter attack forcing the Western United players to quickly go back to deal with the situation
75mins GOAL: Western United go 1 nil in front when Nathan Kera volleys in a powerful shot from outside the penalty box to beat goalkeeper Robin Mepirke
80.44mins Hana build up a chance against Western United but the shot from Jeffery Henry goes directly to Felix Ray Jnr.
82mins Western United win a free kick but Anita’s effort is easily saved by the Hana goalkeeper
85mins Cornelly Rata receives a cross in a good position but his shot goes too high
85.32mins Hana take a corner but the header goes wide
86.21mins Hana win another corner. Davidson Tome takes the kick but Aleck Wickham clears and Joe Manu follows but his attempt is blocked out for a throw in
88.06mins CAUTION: John Iani of Western United yellow carded for a rough tackle on Joe Manu
90mins The fourth official indicates 3 minutes of additional time
90 + 1mins Hana scrambles forward for an equaliser but Western United break down play in the midfield area and turn play using their substitutes but they also meet a tough defence line waiting for them
90 + 2mins Time is running out for Hana and
Referee signals end of match

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