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TSL third season kickoff postponed

An actual date for the start of the league series is not yet decided but it is likely that it will be in the second week of February. The original kick off date was last October but the competition could not start then due to financial and other issues.
The extra-long break will be used by the Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) to ascertain the financial position of the Telekom S-League and reaffirm arrangements with the major sponsor Our Telekom. During the period the participation of clubs in the Telekom S-League will also be reviewed depending on the financial viability of the existing clubs.
The third season of the Telekom S-League will see some changes in how the competition is managed. The SIFF executive committee will appoint a board to oversee the operations of the competition but they day to day running will remain under the federation’s competitions department.
The registration fee for the Telekom S-League is being reviewed and clubs may expect to pay less to take part in the 2013 edition. This follows pressure from the clubs about the high cost of the fees and other costs they have to bear throughout the season.
The second season of the Telekom S-League ended with the championship knockout which was held in September. Both the league series and the championship were won by Solomon Warriors.
The Telekom S-League was established in 2011 as Solomon Islands’ first national football league.

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