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Western United 2 – Marist Fire 1

With Koloale away for their O-League match against Amicale, it was down to Western United and Marist Fire to entertain the football faithful at Lawson Tama in the first day of round 4 of the league. Koloale’s fixture against Real Kakamora, also scheduled for yesterday, was postponed in lieu of their O-League duties.
Marist Fire dominated the entirety of the match and were even up in numbers after the 83rd minute when the Western United captain, Nathan Kera, was sent off for picking up his second yellow card in the game. The statistics were far in favour of the Marist Fire and Western United were lucky to have escaped with the win. Marist Fire had more free kicks and shots on goal and they also dominated ball possession.
Primo Maeke set play for Marist Fire with a shot from distance after 3 minutes but the ball swung away from goal leaving Felix Ray Jnr. unconcerned. Using short passes the Marist Fire midfield breezed past the Western United midsection but the strikers were not making the right runs and the final passes often went to waste. Nine (9) minutes into the match Jay Kepi launched another long range effort and this time it was on target and it had the power but Ray Jnr. quickly moved out to control the situation. Their best chance of the opening period fell to Maeke who rose up unchallenged for a header inside the 6-yard box but he missed the ball entirely and found himself in the net while the ball sailed across the face of goal and out for a goal kick.
However when a goal did come in the match it was in favour of Western United and it was the captain who provided in the 20th minute. Kera was almost forty yards from the Marist Fire goalmouth when he saw Navusu Kitu moved out from his line and he lobbed a high shot over the goalkeeper to put his team in front.
The lead was short-lived as Marist Fire finally made use of their control of the game to score. A push from the left forced a poor clearance from Derol Melo and Kepi had only a metre to cover to get to the ball and his shot was driven powerfully to the left bottom corner of the Western United goal.
Despite the best efforts of both sides no more goals were scored in the first half and the teams left the pitch for the halftime break 1-all.
Marist Fire restarted well in the face of a slow Western United defence who got pushed back deep into their own half for most of the second half. Henry To’o was especially resourceful and his assist in the 53rd minute almost resulted in a goal. To’o stole the ball from Leslie Leo and passed it into the box where Maeke was waiting but the striker turned the wrong way and his shot was blocked.
Sixty-three minutes into the game Western United took the lead again when Max Ruku tapped in a cross from Leonard Rokoto from close range. The goal came on the back of a typical Western United counter-attack where they employed long passes to beat the Marist Fire midfielders before taking on minimal opposition at the back.
Marist Fire were not fazed by Western United’s goal and they continued pressing their defence for an opening. After seeing his forwards fail his passes To’o went into the box himself in the 81st minute and he beat 2 defenders but not the third as his shot gets blocked away. Just before the final whistle Maeke was again clear with the header but the ball was a few inches too high and Western United were able to escape with the win.
The victory put Western United on top with 9 points from 4 games. Marist Fire remain with only a point form the same number of matches as their opponents. Marist Fire will be looking to improve when they play Malaita Kingz next weekend while Western United will be out for more points against a rejuvenated Real Kakamora side.
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Scroll down for play-by-play text.
0’00” The match kicks off.
3’34 Primo Maeke tests Western United with a long range shot from the right but it bends away and does not trouble Felix Ray Jnr.
4’59” Western United break through with a high pass and Moffat Kilifa crosses for Nathan Kera in the box. Kera gets to the ball but his shot goes out.
7’00” Marist Fire are looking confident with neat little passes that help them get past the Western United midfield area. So far Western United have not put on display a convincing format or pattern of play.
9’45” Marist Fire’s Papua New Guinean import Jay Kepi fires from outside the box and the shot is on target but Ray Jnr. safely deals with it by coming out to meet the ball.
11’51” Maeke again goes for goal from distance but the ball goes wide.
13’21” Maeke misses a header right in front of goal. He ends up in the net but the ball just went past him and out for a goal kick.
16’45” John Feraka tries a shot at the edge of the 18 yard box but Ray Jnr. comes out to save the ball.
20’20” GOAL Western United 1 – Marist Fire 0: Nathan Kera put Western United in front with devious chip that sails over the goalkeeper and into the net.
25’00” The momentum in the game has swung Western United’s following Kera’s goal. Marist Fire are still able to enter the Western United final third but lack of movement in front is not giving the midfielders enough options.
27’14” Kera tries a shot from the sidelines but Navusu Kitu is there to save the ball.
28’43” GOAL Western United 1 – Marist Fire 1: Marist Fire score through Jay Kepi on the far side who hits home a poor clearance to level the scores.
36’23” Jerry Sam attempts a goal from the sideline but Ray Jnr. saves. The shot had the power the direction as good but Ray Jnr. was at the right place to deal with it.
37’49” Moffat Kilifa heads in from close distance only to see the ball rebound in from the post and the Marist Fire defenders clear to safety.
44’33” Alfred Pamoana squanders a nicely set up opportunity for Marist Fire by shooting over the cross bar from inside the 18 yard box.
The referee ends the first half.
The second half kicks off.
50’00” Marist Fire have started the second with more purpose but Western United are able to hold them off so far.
53’50” A curling corner kick from John Anita is saved by Kitu but the referee also calls for a foul after the goalkeeper was pushed while he was midair.
55’33” Maeke misses another opportunity in front of goal after Henry To’o stole the ball from Leslie Leo and passed to him inside the box. The shot went across the face of gal and the keeper was not troubled.
57’53” SUBSTITUTION: Lenson Bisili replaces Mostyn Sanga for Western United.
58’46” Coleman Makau shoots for goal in a Western United counterattack but the ball is saved by Kitu quite easily.
63’00” GOAL Western United 2 – Marist Fire 1: Max Ruku puts Western United back in front after hitting home from a close range a cross Leonard Rokoto.
65’32” YELLOW CARD: Nathan Kera is given the yellow card for tackling the goalkeeper after he had already controlled the ball.
68’56” SUBSTITUTION: Navusu Kitu does not recover from Kera’s tackle and he is replaced by Phillip Mango.
72’55” SUBSTITUTION: Jay Kepi is replaced by Richard Tolinao for Marist Fire.
77’17” Casper Beliga saves Marist Fire from a sure goal after he raced across to block Kilifa’s shot inside the box.
81’38” To’o dribbles past 2 Western United defenders inside the Western United penalty box but his shot is blocked by Leslie Leo.
83’23” RED CARD: Nathen Kera is given his marching orders after picking up his second yellow card.
89’01” Maeke finds a cross from Jerry Sam but his header is a few inches too high.
90’00” 3 minutes of additional time will be played.
Fulltime is signalled.

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