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Solomon Islands NSL taking shape

The Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) Executive Committee spent last week reviewing the regulations and the club contracts for the NSL.
A statement from the SIFF General Secretary Eddie Ngava, said that the SIFF Executive Committee is satisfied with the regulations and other administrative documents and the SIFF Secretariat is now moving forward with the NSL.
“With the regulations in place we will now move on to appointing a NSL Management Committee and start working with the clubs who want to participate in the NSL,” Ngava said.
SIFF has also revealed that the NSL will be managed by a NSL Management Committee as opposed to a NSL Board.
“We will be creating a new position within SIFF especially for the NSL. This position is called the NSL General Manager and will coordinate the organization of the competition through the NSL Management Committee,” Ngava said.
This NSL Management Committee is modeled upon the SIFF Local Organising Committee which is responsible for organizing all of SIFF’s national competitions and locally hosted O-League matches. However, the NSL Management Committee is a separate body with powers that extend only within the NSL administrative structure.
Competition format
SIFF is expecting to start with 6 clubs for the first edition of the NSL. This is the minimum number of clubs SIFF has set but the option of increasing the number of clubs is kept open at this stage.
The NSL series consists of two parts – “The League” and “The Championship”. The League will be played over 2 rounds and will be played in the round robin format. Each team will play all the other teams in the NSL at least twice to determine the winner.
The Championship will be played at the end of The League and it shall be played as a knockout competition amongst the six (6) teams.
Qualification for the O-League will be determined by the home and away playoff between by the winner of The League and the winner of The Championship. In the case that the same club wins both The League and The Championship that club will automatically qualify for the O-League.
SIFF General Secretary explained that this model is chosen because OFC will now enforce that any O League participant must be determined from a National Soccer League. Also the NSL Season will run from September each year to May of the following, hence, playing competitions must be established to occupy participating clubs’ competitiveness.
Regulations and registrations
The NSL Regulations and related documents will be shared with stakeholders in the workshop that is planned for coming week.
Clubs, Club Owners and any interested individual or groups are invited to register their interest so that a workshop can be organized for them by Monday next week.

Expected Club requirements
SIFF is expecting all clubs that will participate in the NSL to, at the minimum be financially capable of meeting its obligations in the competition and also to its players.
Requirements include:
• Player club contracts for each player
• Established entity under the laws of Solomon Islands
• Be able to meet the set registration fee
• Own playing facilities or some form of agreement with venue owners
• Be able to register an U20 Team for every season
• Designated Administrators and Technical Personel
Matches outside Honiara
The NSL is likely to be played in venues other than Honiara. Malaita and Western Province may have the opportunity to hosts matches as soon as the stadiums in the 2 these two respective provinces become available for use.
SIFF is yet to make a commitment on a transport partner for the provincial NSL matches.
However, SIFF is confident that NSL matches will be played in the provinces as early as 2011.