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Bonitos 40-man squad named

This pool of players according to the SIFF technical director/adviser, Laurent Papillon, will form the basis of the 23-man squad that will play against Tahiti in the opening match of qualifiers on September 7. The match will take place in Honiara and is one of a total of 6 matches to be played by Solomon Islands in the qualifiers.
The list was published to mix reactions from the public on Sunday after it was announced by Papillon in a special press conference on Saturday. The omission of certain players concerned some but others were happy that are strong and more representative pool has been chosen.
The 23 players from the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) nations cup tournament in June have all been recalled while another 17 players are added to make the total of forty. The majority are home based players picked from the Telekom S-League championship and only a handful are with clubs overseas.
The race is now on to come up with the final 23-man squad which OFC announced will be due on Wednesday 29th August. With barely a fortnight left the SIFF technical department is working intensively to assess the selectees and preparations are on track for a final squad to be named on time.
Head coach Jacob Moli expressed satisfaction with the work his team carried out to name the forty players in the training squad saying that they have acted fairly and openly.
“We have been transparent and employed our better selves to name the players in the 40 person squad. I feel quite satisfied that we have not missed out anyone who should be included,” Moli said.
Moli also had a message about working hard and not giving up for the aspiring players who did not get a call up this time.
“Simply put the doors to the national team are never closed because it is a dynamic unit that requires the right quality every time it plays. I encourage all our players to continue working hard because we never stop looking for talent,” Moli says.
After playing Tahiti on September 7, the Bonitos will travel to New Zealand for their first away match on the eleventh. This will be followed by 2 matches against New Caledonia on October 12th (home) and 16th (away).
The final 2 matches of the qualifiers will be played in March of next year.
List of Players
1. Felix RAY Jnr. Western United – SOL GK
2. Shadrack RAMONI Koloale – SOL GK
3. Hardies AENGARI Solomon Warriors – SOL DFD
4. Aleck WICKHAM Western United – SOL DFD
5. Tome FAISI Solomon Warriors – SOL DFD
6. Timothy JOE Western United – SOL DFD
7. Nelson SALE Amicale – VAN DFD
8. Loni KARABA Western United – SOL DFD
9. Freddie KINI Koloale – SOL DFD
10. Joshua TUASULIA Marist Fire – SOL DFD
11. Henry Jr FA’ARODO Nelson FC – NZL MFD
12. Mostyn BEUI Koloale – SOL MFD
13. Joses NAWO Amicale – VAN MFD
14. Jeffery BULE Solomon Warriors – SOL MFD
16. Jack WETNEY Western United – SOL MFD
17. Himson TELEDA Western United – SOL MFD
18. James NAKA Rewa FC – FIJ MFD
19. Joe LUWI Western United – SOL FWD
20. Abraham INIGA Marist Fire – SOL FWD
21. Benjamin TOTORI Wellington Pheonix – NZL FWD
23. Nicholas MURI Real Kakamora – SOL FWD
24. Leon FOX Malaita Kingz – SOL GK
25. Emmanuel POILA Solomon Warriors – SOL DFD
26. Phillip MANGO Marist Fire – SOL GK
27. Samson KOTI KOSSA – SOL GK
28. Paul HUIA Solomon Warriors – SOL GK
29. Coleman MAKAU Western United – SOL MFD
30. Harrison MALA KOSSA – SOL FWD
32. Joachim WAROI Solomon Warriors – SOL FWD
33. Gagame FENI Solomon Warriors – SOL FWD
34. Leonard ROKOTO Western United – SOL MFD
35. Paul HIRI Real Kakamora – SOL MFD
36. Jerry DONGA Solomon Warriors – SOL FWD
37. Ian PAIA Koloale – SOL FWD
40. Tutizama TANITO Marist Fire – SOL FWD

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