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Honiara roll out of Just Play starting next week

Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) Special Projects Manager, Phillip Ohoto’ona, who is supervising the program, says that the necessary groundwork has been completed and SIFF is moving forward with the roll out.
Last week a consultative meeting was held with representatives from the schools that have been identified to participate in the program and the discussions were positive.
“The outcome from the meeting is very encouraging and I am expecting Just Play to be in full swing once the training workshops are completed and the equipment is given to the schools,” Ohoto’ona said.
Prior to the meeting with the schools Ohoto’ona met with national and local educational authorities including the Director of Primary Education in the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, Benedict Esibaea, and Honiara City Council Chief Education Officer, Donation Houkura.
“I am very grateful for the support that the government and the Honiara education authority are giving. Not only are they very keen about Just Play but they are also willing to work with the schools to ensure that the roll out is successful,” Ohoto’ona said.
The first part of the extension phase features the capacity development training whereby teachers from the participating schools will undergo a 2-day training workshop on Just Play.
The first training program will be held from 26th – 27th October, 2010 and includes a total of 11 schools. The remaining schools will attend the second training program which is from 28th to 29th October, 2010.
The 2 training workshops will be run by Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) Just Play Coordinator, Collin Tua, who will be arriving in the country on Monday.
After the training workshops the teachers will run the Just Play program in their schools for a period of 6 weeks with close monitoring from SIFF.
The Just Play program is also running in a number of other member associations in OFC.
Just Play is funded by the Australian government.
Training workshop 1 Tuesday 26 – 27, October, 2010:
– Tamlan Primary School
– Woodford International School
– Florence Young Primary School
– Kukum SDA Primary School
– Burns Creek Primary School
– St. Nicholas Primary School
– Palm Drive Primary School
– Naha – SDA Primary School
– Lau Valley Primary school
– SITTC School
– Norman Palmer School
Training workshop 1 Wednesday 28 – 29, October, 2010:
– White River Primary School
– Mbokona Primary School
– Mbokonavera Primary School
– Koloale School Primary School
– Mbua Valley Primary School
– Mt Horab Primary School
– Vura School Primary School
– Panatina Primary School
– Ilia Primary School
– Naha Primary School
– Tuvaruhu Primary School

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