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Malaita Kingz 2 v Real Kakamora 1

Line ups:
Malaita Kingz: 23. Sammy Willie; 3. Mickson Suiomea; 24. Johnstee Kusilifu; 2. Felix Filiramo; 22. Andrew Raragia; 12. Clifford Huta; 13. Charles Irobina; 18. Hudson Kusilifu; 6. Jack Jethro; 9. Henry Temewale; 26. Leon Fox (GK) Subs: 19. Timothy Bakale; 14. Chris Hano; 8. Moses Saeni; 17. Myron Fa’arodo; 1. Ben Siarani (GK); 4. Francis Saemala; 7. George Ladusu
Real Kakamora: 20. Newton Billy (GK); 6. Davidson Tome; 4. Augustine To’imae; 5. Willie Garo; 11. Johan Doiwale; 8. Ian Ngahugari; 7. Paul Hiri; 16. Donald Hiri; 10. Matthias Saru; 14. Nicholas Muri Subs: 2. Hugo Tavake; 17. Charlie Rifasia; 1. Dida Qwaina (GK); 13. Ray Watoto; 15. Lyson Wate; 3. Emmanuel Mae; 9. John Kahu
Match officials:
Referee – Matthew Taro
Assistant Referee 1 – Simon Sabe
Assistant Referee 2 – Eric Niabo
Fourth Official – Francis Loxie
5m – Neither side was able to stamp their control on the match in the opening five minutes. Both teams are rushed their movement too much to be able to get passes working through.
10m – Real Kakamora emerged as the side in control after moving past a shaky start for both sides. Their first shot on goal came nine minutes into the game but Leon Fox was able to handle it easily.
15m – Real Kakamora took control of the match with their speed and continued to look for an opening. Malaita Kingz did get their occassional break through but Newton Billy was solid in goal for Real Kakamora.
20m – The wave of attack kept coming from Real Kakamora but Malaita Kingz successfully limited their shooting options and they are not able to get the worth of their possession. Malaita Kingz on the other hand are relying on counterattack but like their opponents they too had limited options to shoot due to tight defending from Real Kakamora.
25m – A lull came about and both sides struggle to get their bearings right. Real Kakamora’s dominance has collapsed as Malaita Kingz get their midfield up and running with Clifford Huta calling the shots in the centre.
30m – Malaita Kingz are looking sharper and more determined as they pushed forward with long penetrating passes.
32m – GOAL Malaita Kingz 1 – Real Kakamora 0: Charles Irobina puts Malaita Kingz in front after a long pass puts him beyond his marker and he expertly curves the ball around the goalkeeper for the first goal of the match.
34m – GOAL Malaita Kingz 2 – Real Kakamora 0: Charles Irobina makes it 2 nil when he races to pick up a through pass and then turns around to shoot past the Real Kakamora keeper for his side’s second of the day.
40m – Real Kakamora have recovered defensively and have closed up the patch that costed them the 2 goals. Malaita Kingz returned to sitting and waitng for their opponents to be drawn out before attacking, a tactic which has worked well for them.
45m – An excellent opportunity is squandered by Paul Hiri as his chip right in front of the goalkeeper is tapped away by Fox in the forty second minute. Real Kakamora get 2 free kicks but both also got waste.
Halftime is signalled.
The second half starts.
50m – Real Kakamora have put more urgency into their game after coming back from the halftime break. Their defenders are better organised and able to deal with the threat posed by the long passes to Irobina. Several of those long passes have already been tried but Augustine To’imae was able to close down Irobina before he could turn and attack.
55m – Real Kakamora enjoyed more possession in the preceding five minutes but the Malaita Kingz defenders are denying any scoring opportunities up front. Nicholas Muri went close with a shot in the 54th minute but he was well covered by Johnstee Kusilifu.
56m – SUBSTITUTION: Felix Filiramo exits in favour of Francis Saemala for Malaita Kingz.
57m – SUBSTITUTION: Lyson Wate exits in favour of Hugo Tavake for Real Kakamora.
60m – SUBSTITUTION: Clifford Huta is replaced by Moses Saeni for Malaita Kingz.
65m – The exit of Clifford Huta has impacted the Malaita Kingz midfield section and Real Kakamora have been able to push better balls through.
70m – GOAL Malaita Kingz 2 – Real Kakamora 1: Nicholas Muri sets up Johan Doiwale for an easy goal after the goalkeeper was beaten at the edge of the 18 yard box.
73m – SUBSTITUTION: Matthias Saru is replaced by Charlie Rifasia for Real Kakamora.
75m – Real Kakamora’s goal has swung momentum their way and they dominated the last 5 minutes of play. Ian Ngahugari enjoyed a free run in the centre of the park as Saeni struggled to fill the shoes of Huta who left earlier. Shorter and quicker passes are worked for them and Malaita Kingz were forced to some desperate defending.
80m – Malaita Kingz picked up pace and tried to break Real Kakamora with long passes but it has not worked. A corner kick in the 79th minute went close to becoming a goal but Real Kakamora made a safe clearance.
85m – SUBSTITUTION: Donald Hiri exits in favour of Emmanuel Mae for Real Kakamora.
90m – Stoppage time of 3 minutes will be played.
90m + 1m: SUBSTITUTION: Charles Irobina is replaced by George Ladusu for Malaita Kingz.
The referee signals fulltime.

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