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Marist Fire v Hana match to be replayed

The reason for the replay was based on the discovery after the match that a transfer certificate was erroneously issued in favour of Hana for Trevor Suinao. Hence, the player was fielded during the match by Hana and was also one of the goal scorers.
A meeting by the Telekom S-League management committee on Monday 24th October came up with the decision after receiving a letter from Marist Fire who protested the fielding of the Suinao. After examining the issue the committee decided that it in respect of getting a fair result the match had to be replayed in full. The ruling was that the result of the match cannot be upheld but due to the wrongful supply of a transfer certificate the result has not been awarded to the opposing team, Marist Fire.
The decision was protested by Hana who communicated in a letter to the chairman of the Telekom S-League that the decision is unfair and that it was not their fault the Suinao was played. However, the decision was upheld by the management of the Telekom S-League which argued that Hana were aware the process was not complete. The erroneous issuance of the transfer certificate is the only mitigating factor that stands in favour of Hana.
The match will take place at 2:00pm at Lawson Tama.

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