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Cook Islands 1 – 4 Solomon Islands

Cook Islands – Solomon Islands Match Summary Download PDF is pleased to bring you live updates of Cook Islands vs Solomon Islands. Please refresh your browser regularly to follow all the action.
The starting line-ups are as follows:
Cook Islands: 1. Rangi PIRI (GK), 2. Michael MURARE, 3. Ant SAMUELA (c), 5. Travel KAUKURA, 6. Tamaiva SMITH, 7. Mii PUTAI, 8. Temana PENNYCOOK, 9. Marcelo RAIROA, 10. Twin IRO, 11. Tyrell BARRINGER-TAHIRI, 13. Jamian IROA
Solomon Islands: 1. Jerry MISIMAKE (GK), 2. Fred BALA, 4. Rickson UVI, 5. Junior ALBERT, 6. Jimmy RARAMANE, 8. Dickson BUA (c), 9. Gabriel BOSI, 11. John BITIAI, 15. Solo KUKI, 16. Alex WAIMORA, 18. George LADOGA
The game kicks off.
8′ Gabriel Bosi crosses in the box but the defense clears the ball away.
9′ Alex Waimora shoots outside of the box but misses the target.
10′ Solo Kuki shoots in the box but misses the target.
12′ John Bitiai’s header misses the goal.
13′ Rickson Uvi shoots from 20 metres but the keeper catches the ball.
22′ SUBSTITUTION Tyrell Barringer-Tahiri is replaced by Irangi Mauri for Cook Islands.
24′ GOAL! Cook Islands 0-1 Solomon Islands Solo Kuki scores with a shot from the edge of the box.
30′ YELLOW CARD Fred Bala is cautioned for Solomon Islands after a dangerous tackle.
31′ First corner kick for Cook Islands but the defense clears the ball away.
34′ Waimora shoots from inside the box but is ruled offside.
35′ SUBSTITUTION John Bitiai is replaced by Atana Fa’arodo for Solomon Islands.
39′ Corner kick for Cook Islands, the keeper pushes the ball on Twin Tiro who shoots but his shot misses the target.
45′ GOAL! Cook Islands 1-1 Solomon Islands Tamaiva Smith scores.
One minute added time.
The referee whistles the end of the first half.
The second half kicks off.
46′ Mauri shoots but misses the goal.
47′ Free kick for Cook Islands, Tiro’s kick is too high.
51′ Putai shoots but Misimake catches the ball after a corner kick.
53′ Atana Fa’arodo goes one on one with the keeper but Piri dives and saves.
54′ GOAL! Cook Islands 1-2 Solomon Islands Junior Albert scores.
58′ Waimora is alone in front the keeper but his shot misses the target.
59′ Kuki’s header is catched by the keeper.
61′ SUBSTITUTION Gabriel Bosi is replaced by Oswin Bwagi for Solomon Islands.
63′ GOAL! Cook Islands 1-3 Solomon Islands Waimora scores.
73′ SUBSTITUTION Jamian Iroa is replaced by Arama Bishop for Cook Islands.
75′GOAL! Cook Islands 1-4 Solomon Islands Captain Dickson Bua scores.
78′ Mauri’s header misses the target.
80′ SUBSTITUTION Solo Kuki is replaced by Clarence Bonsley for Solomon Islands.
83′ Waimora shoots but Piri catches the ball.
86′ SUBSTITUTION Temana Pennycook is replaced by Mike Mouauri for Cook Islands.
89′ Bwagi scores but is signaled offside.
Two minutes added time.
The referee whistles the end of the game.