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Brazil ambassador meets SIFF

Rubem Corrêa Barbosa was in the country to present his credentials to the Solomon Islands government but also used the opportunity to meet SIFF president, Martin Alufurai, and interim chief executive officer, Neil Poloso.
The meeting was used to reassure SIFF of the ambassador’s commitment to supporting the development of football in the country. Discussions were centered around the plan to bring in a Brazilian coach to work with Solomon Islands national teams. Talks on the idea first emerged in 2011 but the plan was put on halt after an appointment of a coach could not be confirmed.
It was revealed after the meeting that the Solomon Islands government made another request for a Brazilian to work with Solomon Islands national teams in the future. Similar sentiments were also expressed by the SIFF management who supported the call made by the government to see the plan through.
Barbosa made reassurances to SIFF that upon his return to Canberra, Australia, where he is based he will pursue the matters with authorities in Brazil.
“This is an outstanding issue for us since my last visit and once again your government and federation assured me that Solomon Islands is still interested in having football assistance from Brazil. Thus, I am going ahead with the plan and hopefully I will have good news for your country very soon,” said Barbosa.
Barbosa was confident that the plan will be successful because this time round he is able to meet with football officials.
“The fact that I am able to meet with SIFF is an indication of success and I could see that Brazil and Solomon Islands share the same passion for football,” Barbosa said.
The 1-hour meeting also touched upon several marketing ideas which the ambassador felt could help football generate needed funds through. He conducted a tour of the SIFF academy complex and was presented with a Solomon Islands national team jersey at the conclusion of the meeting.
Alufurai describe the meeting as an important one for SIFF and he is optimistic about the potential that a partnership with Brazil has for football development in Solomon Islands.
“We are honoured to have his Excellency Rubem Barbosa come meet with us and discuss some plans that will help football grow in our country. This is a positive step forward and we really hope to extend this relationship in the interest of football,” Alufurai said.
The SIFF president also thanked the Prime Minister and his cabinet for making football one of the priorities in their discussions with Barbosa.
“We also want to acknowledge the support of the national government in this initiative. Without the government we have limited options in pursuing this matter further,” said Alufurai.

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