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Solomon Islands 0 – 3 New Caledonia

See below for the play-by-play action
Starting line-ups:
Solomon Islands:
1. Betty SADE (GK); 4. Brenda MASAE; 5. Audrey GALO; 6. Mesalyn SAEPIO; 8. Ileem PEGI; 9. Betty MAENU’U; 10. Prudence FULA; 13. Cathy AIHUNU; 14. Belinda SUSANA; 15. Mary MAEFITI; 17. Vanessa INIFIRI.
Coach: Timothy INIFIRI.
New Caledonia:
1. Beatrice TOLUAFE (GK); 2. Glenda JAINE; 3. Marie WANAKAIJA; 4. Claire KAEMO; 5. Marielle HAOCAS; 6. Marilyse LOLO; 7. Helene WAENGENE; 8. Kamene XOWIE; 9. Christelle WAHNAWE; 10. Celine XOLAWAWA; 11. Stephanie PAHOA.
Coach: Yvan POUNGUI.
The match kicks off.
7′ Christelle Wanhawe is alone to face the goalkeeper but she is offside.
8′ Prudence Fula shots from the edge of the box but Beatrice Toluafe catches the ball.
10′ Betty Maenu’u take a shot in the box after a cross from Ileem Pegi for Solomon Islands.
12′ Stephanie Pahoa’s cross finds captain Christelle Wahnawe but the defender come back to stop the action.
16′ A cross from Christelle Wahnawe finds Kame Xowie but her header hits the post.
17′ GOAL !!! New Caledonia 1 Solomon Islands 0 Celine Xolawawa scores a beautiful goal with a volley from the 30th metres after controlling the ball with her chest.
21′ Kame Xowie shoots from the edge of the box but the goalkeeper dives well to save her net.
26′ After a corner kick and confusion in the box, the ball goes to Marilyse Lolo who shoots but too high.
28′ Audrey Galo is stopped in the box by Marielle Haocas with a clean tackle.
35′ Christelle Wahnawe shoots but too high to worry Betty Sade.
40′ Kame Xiowe shoots from the 25th metres just above to the crossbar.
42′ YELLOW CARD Claire Kaemo is cautioned for New Caledonia.
Two minutes added time.
45+1′ Corner kick for New Caledonia. Stephanie Pahoa takes the corner and finds Celine Xolawawa but her header misses the target.
45+2′ Christelle Wahnwe’s free kick doesn’t find the target.
The referee whistles the end of the first half.
The second half kicks off.
47′ Corner kick for Solomon Islands but a player is offside
48′ GOAL !!! New Caledonia 2 Solomon Islands 0 Christelle Wahnawe scores after a low shot in the box.
50′ Big opportunity for Solomon Islands, after a good save of the goallkeeper, Vanessa Inifiri sees her shot hitting the crossbar.
53′ SUBSTITUTION Glenda Jaine is replaced by Audrey Sinem for New Caledonia.
57′ SUBSTITUTION Stephanie Pahoa is replaced by Cheyenne Dieuma for New Caledonia.
59′ SUBSTITUTION Prudence Fula is replaced by Ella Misibini for Solomon Islands.
63′ Kamene Xowie’s cross is catched by the goalkeeper.
64′ The referee stops the game after a player from Solomon Islands gets injured. The game starts again but Slomon Islands play with ten players.
69′ Solomon Islands play with eleven players again.
70′ Ella Misibini shoots but too high to worry the goalkeeper.
75′ GOAL !!! New Caledonia 3 Solomon Islands 0 Christelle Wahnawe scores her second goal with a header after a cross from Audrey Sinem.
76′ SUBSTITUTION Vanessa Inifiri is replaced by Crystal Bwakolo for Solomon Islands.
81′ SUBSTITUTION Mary Maefiti is replaced by Sally Saeni for Solomon Islands. Audrey Sinem is replaced by Madeleine Jaine for New Caledonia.
85′ YELLOW CARD Crystal Bwakolo is cautioned for Solomon Islands.
89′ YELLOW CARD Brenda Masae is cautioned for Solomon Islands.
Four minutes added time.
90+1′ Christelle Wahnawe shoots but misses the target.
The referee whistles the end of the game.

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