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Coaches upgrade knowledge

The five-day long course targets the elite coaches in Solomon Islands with a special focus being applied to the coaches of the national football league – Telekom S-League. All but one of the Telekom S-League clubs has coaches attending the course.
Part of the aim of the course is to prepare coaches for the next season of the Telekom S-League. With the quality of football continuously rising such courses give local coaches an insight into modern coaching principles and how to deliver them to their clubs or teams.
The concepts delivered in the course address high level areas of coaching and deal with the role of coaches in the overall organisation they operate in. The difference between coaching for training and coaching for matches was also a key topic covered.
The coaches undergo a combination of stringent theory and practical sessions. The practical sessions are designed to assess the coaches’ understanding of the concepts taught in the different modules presented during the course.
Chambaron is enthusiastic about the course and envisions that real progress can be made with coach education in the country.
“One of the highlights of the course has been discovery and acknowledgement of areas where coaches need to work harder to achieve their goals. This is important because we can focus on these areas and continually improve our coaches,” Chambaron says.
The FIFA MA Senior Coaching Course is funded by FIFA and implemented at the request of SIFF.