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Bad weather affects TSL

Heavy rain and strong winds were felt overnight on Monday and then during Tuesday forcing organizers to call off the match with roughly an hour left before kick off.
The final decision to cancel the match was prompted by a cyclone warning issued on the website of the local weather bureau for the Rennel Bellona islands 200km south of Honiara.
Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) Turf Manager, Reuben Oimae, says that the decision was made in the interest of safety of the players and also to ensure that the field does not suffer damage.
“Lawson Tama pitch sustained some damage from the matches on Sunday so any matches today would aggravate the problem so the best thing to do is to reschedule the match to another time,” Oimae says.
General Coordinator for the Telekom S-League Ian Rarawa explains that the match between Koloale and Real Kakamora will be rescheduled as a catch up match which means that it will be played either between the first and second round or after the final match as per the regular fixtures.
“This match has to be rescheduled as a catch up fixture. We cannot change the regular fixtures to cater for it as it would cause us to readjust the timing for all matches which will result in confusion for everybody. SIFF will work the clubs to find the most appropriate time to play this match,” Rarawa says.
The Telekom S-League management team will be monitoring the weather situation to see if the remaining fixtures for the week can be played.
“The biggest challenge for organizers is the weather. If the weather is on our side we can quickly finish up the league in time for the deadline for nomination of our O-League representative,” Rarawa says.
So far, 18 matches have been played in the Telekom S-League meaning that 36 matches still remain to be played but the organizing committee still anticipates that the deadline of May 30 will still be met.

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