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TSL clubs receive championship boost

Today the clubs were given the second tranche of the Telekom S-League club grants from SIFF which totalled to SBD$160 000, $20 000 for each of the clubs. On top of this the clubs were also paid $5700 from the profit gathered from the gate-takings from round 2 of the Telekom S-League.
After the first round of the TSL league series was completed the clubs were also given $20 000 each in grants from SIFF in addition to a similar amount from the gate-takings. This helped meet some of the cost for the clubs in round 2 of the TSL league and a certain number of clubs have opted to offset this money against their registration fees.
Today’s payout brings the total in grants and revenue share given to the clubs since the Telekom S-League started to $434 00 and this is besides the prize money on offer in the competition. A further payout is expected at the end of the season.
SIFF general secretary, Eddie Ngava, says that the grants and gate-revenue shares given to the clubs underline the commitment of SIFF to the Telekom S-League and to maintaining a high standard national club competition.
“This is a very big financial commitment from SIFF to the clubs and this is unique in the sense that SIFF has the ability and will to make this happen,” Ngava says. “Our commitment to helping our clubs is unparalleled in the region and all this is done in the interest of the development of our clubs, our players and our coaches who are part of the TSL.”
Coach of Hana, Rex Masuaku, says that he is thankful for the continued support that SIFF is offering the TSL clubs.
“Running a club is not a cheap exercise as there are many costs involved. Hence, SIFF’s vision in supporting the clubs by way of the grants and the gate-takings is more than welcome for us,” Masuaku says. “Most of the clubs in the competition are not well off and this sort of funding is enabling them to meet their commitment in the NSL and this good for everyone.”
The TSL championship will kick off tomorrow (Saturday 21st May, 2011) with 2 games. Real Kakamora will play Koloale in the 2pm fixture and the 4pm fixture features Marist Fire against Solomon Warriors.

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