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Guadalcanal receives Just Play today

The launching will take place at Ngalibiu Primary School in North-east Guadalcanal. The original venue was Pitukoli Primary School in the same area but a passing away in the village has forced organisers to change to another venue to ensure that the scheduled rollout is not affected.
The Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) Special Projects Office is organising the launching program. A team from the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) which includes the Social Responsibility Manager, Franck Castillo, and Women’s Development Officer, Emmie Sope, will also be present among other delegates for the 2-day program.
SIFF Special Projects Manager, Phillip Ohoto’ona, says that alternative arrangements have to be made at the last minute and he thanks those involved for their cooperation.
“Guadalcanal Plains Palm Oil Limited (GPPOL) and Ngalibiu Primary School have made sure that the launch will be held by providing the alternative venue and we are grateful for their support,” Ohoto’ona says. “I also wish to thank Pitukoli Primary School for their great support and acknowledge the loss their village has experienced.”
Fourty-two (42) teachers from 21 primary schools from the Malango, Ghaobata & Tasiboko area are expected to attend the program along with up to a hundred children. Activities for the launch include 2-days of training and practical sessions for the teachers and students and it will be concluded with the handing out of certificates to successful instructors. Technical officers from both the OFC and SIFF will be on hand to deliver the training to the participants.
Ohoto’ona is expecting the program to pan out successfully saying that it is a long time coming for one of the biggest provinces in Solomon Islands.
“Setting a player development pathway via the Just Play program on Guadalcanal has always been an important consideration for my office,” Ohoto’ona says. “The success of what we do today will be seen in the future stars that will come from this province and I am confident that this program will be looked after by the communities. Although, we could not cover all the schools in Guadalcanal in this launch, the success of this launch and the implementation of the program in the schools thereafter will mean more to benefit later.”
Commenting on the overall success of the program so far Ohoto’ona says that Just Play is a leading community initiative and has proven to be very attractive in both the urban and rural areas.
“I am pleased to see that the program is gaining momentum and riding on the crest of popularity among our kids and now is extending to our kids in Guadalcanal since its inception in June 2010,” Ohoto’ona says.
Guadalcanal is the fourth province in Solomon Islands to receive the Just Play program following Western, Malaita and Honiara. Honiara was the first province to be part of the Just Play program when they participated in the pilot project along with Western in 2010.
The Just Play program is funded by the Australian Government through the Australian Agency for International Aid (AusAID). Vanuatu, Tonga and Papua New Guinea are among other countries that are part of pacific wide rollout of Just Play managed by the OFC.

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