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Totori completes Koloale dream team

After weeks of unease faced by the club management the goal scoring ace has cast all doubts aside by sealing his commitment in ink. Koloale had been fighting for Totori to sign with them for another season after news broke about Waitakere United’s intention to resign him.
The news will come as a big blow for Waitakere United who have been eyeing Totori as the catalyst for their O-League campaign this season. The Waitakere United management remained in contact with Totori during his time with Koloale with the hope of resigning him once he decided to head back to New Zealand. That, however, will not be happening at least until the next transfer window opens up.
Totori’s signature completes a raft of signings Koloale have made during the off season. Besides resigning Joses Nawo for another season, Koloale, have also booked former Solomon Warriors duo Willie Daudau and Molis Gagame Jnr. Daudau and Gagame Jnr. have already been training with Koloale for 3 weeks and will feature for the club both in the national league and the O-League. Another hot signing for the local champions is national left winger, James Naka. Naka has returned to Fiji to sort out his transfer with Rewa before heading home to join Koloale. Other new faces in the club include Fanai Koti and Benjamin Baeoro.
Koloale vice president, Timothy Aruafu, says that the team they are hoping to have for the next season is now in place and the rest is left to proceedings on the pitch.
“A lot of hard work has been expended to recruit the players that the club wants and we are pleased to be able to get everybody on our shopping list,” Aruafu says.
Aruafu acknowledges that Totori’s signature was the topped their list of signings on the season and he is very happy that the top scorer from the last season has decided to stay with the club.
“Totori is a key part of our team and we believe that his role in the front will help us to get the results that we want in the coming season,” Aruafu says.
Koloale’s recruitment frenzy is steeped in the club’s ambitions for winning the national title again and also to challenge for the O-League title, Aruafu reveals.
“Our recruitment strategy is in line with our goals for the season and our coaching team will now take over the responsibility of getting the results with our line up. Our primary aim, of course, is to win the national title again but beyond that we looking at the O-League title as well. We have the right players and the right management and we will take each game that we play seriously and if all goes well for us we may just have an even greater season than our last,” Aruafu says.
Koloale’s new stars are already giving a positive boost to the club as the result of a week friendly match against KOSSA showed. Koloale found the back of the net 6 times unanswered for a resounding victory that will give them confidence as they prepare for the national league and their first O-League match against Auckland City on October 29.
While Koloale has been able to flex its financial power to attract new players it has also lost some key members of their line up from the 2010/11 champion team. Left winger, Jeffery Bule, and central defender, George Suri, have both left the club to sign up with Solomon Warriors.

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