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Our Telekom pays out to leagues

The presentation was made at Telekom Haus by Our Telekom chief executive officer, Loyley Ngira, to chairman of the SIFF normalising committee, Barnabas Anga. Present were Our Telekom sales and marketing representatives, Robertson Szetu, and, Lawrence Nodua, and SIFF Chief Executive Officer, Neil Poloso.
The sponsorship delivered specifically targets the Telekom S-League, the National Women’s Football League and the Telekom S-League Youth Competition. The latter competitions were organised and concluded in 2014. The Telekom S-League, which will conclude in March, will claim the lion’s share of the sponsorship.
In his address at the handover, Anga, thanked Our Telekom for their continued partnership and highlighted the role their sponsorship is playing in developing football.
“On behalf of SIFF and our members I’d like sincerely thank the board and management of Our Telekom for their support – this is an important milestone for football,” Anga says.
“This sponsorship is very important to SIFF for our programmes, our clubs and our players. It has impacted positively on football allowing more and more youth and women to take part in the framework of competitive football that SIFF is implementing.”
Speaking on behalf of Our Telekom, Ngira, expresses that Our Telekom is looking for expansion in terms of the sponsorship’s reach and reaching more sectors of the community.
“Our sponsorship seeks to involve more youth and women to partake in the excitement of the game. Thus, one of the highlights of the sponsorship this year is to support the establishment and growth of youth and women’s leagues,” says Ngira.
“Women are important to us and while Our Telekom strive to develop services tailored for them, we also feel fortunate to be able to reach out to them through football as well.”
The current sponsorship agreement between SIFF and Our Telekom was made in 2010 and expires this year.

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