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Fifi’i interested in Koloale

Michael Fifi’i says that despite missing the Koloale’s submission for the first round of the O-League he remains interested in joining the club once the opportunity throws itself up. Fifi’i, who has experience playing for several clubs in New Zealand, describes Koloale as a well organised unit with top class players who play an attractive style of football and this interests him.
“I really would like for play for Koloale, a well organised club with players who play a very good style of football,” Fifi’i says in an interview with local newspaper, the Solomon Star.
The reason for his not signing up with Koloale at this stage is because of commitments in New Zealand which he has to attend to. Therefore, he is postponing any formality with the national league champions until the end of the year at least with the hope of playing in the second round of the O-League.
The O-League transfer window at the end of the year is what Fifi’i is aiming for even though it means that he will already have missed 2 of Koloale’s 6 group matches. However, with 4 matches remaining in their schedule he may still play an important role for the club.
Koloale have acknowledged Fifi’i’s interest in joining them and are saying that they respect his wishes to return to New Zealand before signing up for the second round of the O-League.
“We respect his decision and we will certainly welcome him to the team when the transfer window opens,” Koloale vice-president, Timothy Aruafu, says.
The important issue for Koloale fans would be what he will bring into the team. With experience in New Zealand, Fifi’i may play an important role in the midfield and he can be expected to pair up well with Benjamin Totori as part of the supply line to the forward. His speed and distribution abilities are important assets which Koloale wishes to cash in on but whether he can produce is a question best left to when he actually takes the pitch for the men in green.
Fifi’i returned to the country in July to join the Solomon Islands national team, Bonito, for the recent Pacific Games in New Caledonia. He also featured in several matches for Bonito in the competition but was left out of the starting line-up for their final 3 matches in the competition.
Another Koloale player whose future with the club hangs in the balance is Joses Nawo. Nawo was a key part of their success in the national league and was also a mainstay of the Bonito campaign at the Pacific Games. He is in the process of signing for Vanuatu champions, Amicale and is expected to leave for his new club tomorrow.
Meanwhile, Koloale are confirming that they are making several new signings for the coming O-League and one of the players they have booked is Clifton Aumae. Currently, Aumae is studying at the University of Papua New Guinea but he is expected to join Koloale in time for their first match of the O-League season.
Koloale will play their first O-League match of the 2011/12 season against New Zealand club, Auckland City. Their clash is scheduled for Saturday 29th October and will be held at Lawson Tama stadium in Honiara. The last time the 2 sides met was in the 2009/10 O-League final; Auckland City won the first leg in Honiara by 7 – 2 and confirmed their berth in the FIFA Club World Cup UAE 2009 when the second leg ended in a 2-all draw.