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Solomon Islands Under-19 Squad

All players are asked to turn up for training thrice weekly on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Sessions start at 3:00pm.
The SIFF technical department thanks all the players who made the effort to attend the trials over the last three weeks and encourages those who are not named to continue their commitment as football players.
Squad List:
1. Phillip Mango (Goalkeeper)
2. James Do’oro (Goalkeeper)
3. Fred Bala
4. Allan Pita
5. Albert Junior
6. Christian Alado
7. Roy Keleni
8. Loga Grekona
9. Joachim Kairi
10. Timothy Bunabo Jnr.
11. Timothy Bakale
12. Fredrick Dola
13. Nelson
14. Albert Wetney
15. Alibaba Siovi
16. Atana Fa’arodo Jnr.
17. Eddie Taewo
18. Dickson Maggi
19. Raphael Egeta
20. Lesley Ramo
21. Brett Honi
22. Fred Patrick
23. Anderson Doke
24. Harrison Mala
25. Douglas
26. George Fiusau
27. Atkin Kaua

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