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Real Kakamora 2 – Hana 1

0’ The match starts.
1’ Moussa Kourouma produces the first shot of the match but it does not have the power and Dida Qwaina saves easily.
5’ Lyson Wate wins a cornerkick for Real Kakamora. He crosses the ball into the box and finds Nicholas Muri but the shot is no good.
9’ A well weighted cross finds Kourouma but Qwaina comes out quickly and neutralises the situation.
10’ A cornerkick from Charlie Rifasia turns into goal but Arnold Keni heads the ball away.
11’ Charlie Rifasia shoots from the edge of the box and Peter Kiriau is forced to the ground for the save.
12’ A cornerkick from Paul Hiri is punched away by Kiriau.
14’ A shot from Davidson Tome forces Kiriau to dive but the ball was well off the mark and went out for a goalkick.
18’ Real Kakamora receive a freekick deep inside their own half after a foul from Remarx Kwaria. The long pass is flat and easily dealt with by the Hana defenders.
23’ Nice play from the Real Kakamora midfield puts Wate free in the box and he beats the goalkeeper but could not turn the shot home.
24’ Hana counterattack and Trevor Suinao shoots but Qwaina saves well.
25’ SUBSTITUTION: Ray Watoto comes in to replace the injured Paul Hiri for Real Kakamora.
26’ Hana win a free kick but the shot from Suinao is too high.
27’ Kourouma sets Suinao for the shot inside the Real Kakamora penalty box and it is on target but Qwaina blocks it away for a cornerkick. The cornerkick is wasted as the ball ends up with a Real Kakamora player.
30’ GOAL Real Kakamora 1 – Hana 0: A classic header from Nicholas Muri puts Real Kakamora in front.
36’ GOAL Real Kakamora 1 – Hana 1: Tony Otini puts Hana level with Real Kakamora with a powerful right footed shot.
40’ Otini is fouled just outside the Real Kakamora penalty area. Dalton Maesia shoots for goal but Qwaina saves.
41’ Hana goalkeeper, Kiriau requires medical attention after clashing with a Real Kakamora player inside his goal area. Play is stopped.
45’ Stoppage time of 3 minutes are added.
45’ + 2’ GOAL Real Kakamora 2 – Hana 1: A cross from Muri is deflected into the net by Martin Saleimanu in an unfortunate own-goal incident.
The first half ends.
The second half kicks off.
47’ Ian Sida attempts a goal from a very tight angle and Kiriau saves.
48’ Otini shoots from 25 yards out but the ball sails wide.
52’ Real Kakamora win a cornerkick. They go shot but the Hana defenders push out close the gap and clear the ball away.
54’ Otini is set up by Jeffery Henry in the box and the striker does well with the shot but Qwaina is able to make a solid save.
57’ Real Kakamora win their fourth cornerkick of the game. The cross from Ian Ngahugari is good but the header from Wate is not good enough and Hana clear away.
58’ A shot from Ngahugari clips the cross bar and comes back into play but the Hana defenders clear away.
61’ A scorching shot from Muri produces a fine save from Kiriau.
63’ Muri makes a good run with the ball into the Hana penalty area and he crosses for Ngahugari but the midfielder shoots over the cross bar.
65’ SUBSTITUTION: Cornelly Rata replaces Remarx Kwaria for Hana.
68’ SUBSTITUTION: Godwin Bebeu is replaced by Rolland Pweka for Hana.
70’ SUBSTTUTION: Charlie Rifasia is replaced by Matthias Saru.
75’ SUBSTITUTION: Ian Sida is replaced by Croffson Mana for Hana.
76’ A freekick is given to Hana just over the halfway line. Kourouma lobs the ball into the box for Otini but Willie Garo is there to make the clearance.
79’ YELLOW CARD: Cornelly Rata of Hana is cautioned for using his hands to control the ball in a tackle.
81’ YELLOW CARD: Willie Garo of Real Kakamora is booked for a reckless tackle.
83’ A cross from Suinao finds Rata in the box but the shot is blocked. The deflection falls to Otini who tries to shoot but the Real Kakamora defenders block the ball again and the final effort coming from Henry ends up winning only a cornerkick. The cornerkick comes in but the ball is cleared away by Garo.
85’ Otini’s effort produces Hana’s second cornerkick of the match. Suinao crosses in and Henry gets to the ball but the final header ends up in the hands of Qwaina.
90’ 2 minutes of stoppage time is added.
The match ends.

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