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O-League playoff kicks off Monday

This follows Solomon Warriors’ success in their bid to force the league champion into a playoff by winning the championship series. As per the Telekom S-League regulations, qualification for the O-League requires winning both the league and championship series. The current situation is such that there is a different winner for the league (Koloale) and a different winner for the championship (Solomon Warriors). This means that the 2 have to meet in the playoffs to decide who is the best club and it is that club that will go on to the O-League.
The first leg for the O-League playoff will be held on Monday 13 June at Lawson Tama stadium in what is Koloale’s home game. The second leg will follow on Thursday 16 June also at Lawson Tama and will be Solomon Warriors home game in the series. Both matches will kick off at 3:00pm.
The O-League playoffs, as they are called locally, will extend the rivalry between the 2 clubs which has traditionally seen Koloale come out on top in past years. This year, however, Solomon Warriors have regained some ground against their opponents and they sure have the capacity to defeat Koloale. Already they have done this twice this season, once in the league and in the championship series final, and they will be important points for them to look upon. However, Koloale are a patient side and they often play at their best level when they are in high stake matches.
Who will win the playoffs is the biggest question on everyone’s mind at the moment. For Solomon Warriors fans, there is little doubt as to who should win. Their team has a new sponsor, Bodo Detke, member of the national parliament and businessman who owns ITA hardware, one of the biggest hardware companies in Solomon Islands. With his sponsorship has also come a renewed life in the club and this may just be their year to make into the O-League for the first time in the club’s history. The Solomon Warriors faithful have long waited for such a day to happen and its arrival will surely result in massive celebrations.
For Koloale fans, their club needs to win to absolve the memory of a difficult season in the 2010/11 O-League which saw them exit the group stages after losing their first 3 pool matches. They are the current national club representatives and they will stubbornly defend this crown which they reclaimed in 2010 after losing it to Marist the year before. This side is extremely resilient having been in every national club championship final in the last 5 years, winning twice, and they have been defeated only 2 times in their last 18 matches.
Simply put Koloale has the experience and depth to seal a record third showing in the O-League. However, Solomon Warriors have the determination and the class to steal the show from them. They have been the only side to defeat Koloale this season and Koloale needs to be aware of this. As the Telekom S-League Championship Series grand finals show, the 2 sides are on par at the moment. They are equally strong defensively and also in the offence. The results will be tight in both matches and away goals may prove invaluable but often winning the first leg may prove to be the difference and both clubs will be looking to do this.
Entrance fees are $40-00 for the grandstand and $10-00 for adults and $5-00 for children on the hillside.

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