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Real, Warriors catch-up clash tomorrow

The Solomon Warriors v Real Kakamora match was originally scheduled in round 3 of the league and was supposed to be played at 4:00pm on Saturday 12 November. However, the match was postponed after heavy rain caused delays in the 2:00pm fixture on the same date between Marist Fire and KOSSA which ended in a 2-all draw.
The fixture will be an opportunity for both sides to pick up more points and apply pressure on Western United and Malaita Kingz who are currently occupying the first and second spot in the league table. Solomon Warriors are currently in fourth position in the table while Real Kakamora sit further back at sixth.
Several more catch-up matches remain to be played in the first round of the league and two (2) more are scheduled to take place next week. Koloale will play Real Kakamora at 3:30pm on Tuesday and this will be followed by a big clash between Solomon Warriors and KOSSA on Wednesday at the same time.
With the current weather condition in the country the Telekom S-League management is anticipating the possibility of more matches facing cancellation. However, confidence remains that the first round of the league will be completed on time.

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