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TSL resuming next week

Four (4) matches were not played in the first round due to cancellation of fixtures due to bad weather and Koloale’s duties in the O-League. Koloale has 2 matches to play from the first round while Solomon Warriors, Marist Fire, Hana and Western United all have 1 each outstanding.
The catch-ups were originally scheduled for the coming weekend but due to heavy rain in Honiara maintenance of Lawson Tama could not be done for the last 2 weeks. Hence, the turf department of SIFF has asked for an additional few days to prepare the pitch.
“The continued spate of bad weather here in Honiara is slowing down our preparations but with the slight improvement experienced this week we hope to finalise our work and get the field ready by Monday,” Turf Manager, Reuben Oimae, says.
The SIFF competitions department is also finalising preparations for the restart next week with inter-departmental discussions and consultations with clubs. The deadline for registrations was February 1 and most clubs have registered their teams for the second round already.
SIFF competitions manager, Ian Rarawa, says that the last week was spent finalising the registrations lists for the eight (8) clubs in the Telekom S-League and the league is ready to resume.
“All the clubs have worked hard to sort out their registrations and we are about complete with clearing all the technicalities relating to inputting the players in the competition system that manages the S-League. What is left now is to move on to the pitch and get football happening for 2012,” Rarawa says.
Thirty-two matches remain to be played in the league series after which the 12-match Telekom S-League championship will follow. If only one club wins both the league and the championship series that club will automatically qualify for the next O-League and take home a hefty combined prize total of $300 000 ($150 000 from the league and $150 000 from the championship). If 2 different winners are found then they will enter a playoff to decide the next O-League club.
From the first round results Western United and Malaita Kingz are leading the race but their position is in way secure with Solomon Warriors following closely behind. Defending champions Koloale are currently fifth in the table and have a lot of work to do in the second round.
Telekom S-League Catch-up Matches:

14/02/2012 3pm Hana FC v. Koloale FC
15/02/2012 3pm Real Kakamora FC v. Solomon Warriors FC
18/02/2012 3pm Western United FC v. Hana FC
22/02/2012 3pm Koloale FC v. Marist Fire FC
(All matches will be played at Lawson Tama.)

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