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Interview with Star player

1. What is your view of the current squad?
• I think we have one of the best teams coming from Solomon Islands. We have the best of the old and the best of the new players in the country so there is a good balance.
2. The last OFC nations cup we finished in fourth place. Do you think we can better this result? Why?
• After the training, hard work and preparations and the fitness we have I think we have the potential to do well. We are confident of making it to the semis and from there we will take one game at a time and do what has to be done to reach our goals.
• Tahiti have shown us in the last nations cup that any team can win so we are motivated and ambitious about our goals.
• We just have to take the lessons from 2012 and be a better and mature team on the pitch. We sure have the potential to win. We are fearless and confident.
3. Personally, do you have some goals for yourself? You have been seen and described as working very hard for this competition.
• Yes I have made it a personal goal to do well in this competition for Solomon Islands and also for myself. I view this as the ultimate goal in my career and I really hope that it can be one of my achievements.
4. Do you think it will be a tougher competition than 2012?
• Football continues to grow year by year and so this will be a tougher competition but I think we have all grown as well. As I said, Tahiti taught us that anyone can win so everyone now has this belief. I also New Zealand to be tougher than last time because they want to do better for their fans and their country and it will be the same for everyone.
5. How do you rate the pool that Solomon Islands is in?
• For me this pool is the same as the last nations cup – pool of death but back then we managed to break out. I think this time round we have the potential to do the same with our players who can attack from anywhere, anytime in the game.
6. You were in top form four years ago. Will fans still be able to expect the same from you?
• Yes – I aim to do my best in this competition because I have worked to be part of this team and it is an opportunity for me as well to play for my country. I really hope to do well with God’s help.
7. What do you think about the addition of Ramon Tribulietx to the team?
• Ramon joining us is a major boost for the team – he is unique in that he understands both the Pacific Islands game and the European game. I was very happy when I heard that Ramon is coming to join the team. I think he will add the Spanish flair to our game so am really excited to work with him. He is one of the best coaches in the region.
8. Solomon Islands has been struggling a little bit in football. Do you sense a change coming for the country? Why?
• Yes I think so, I can feel that a new momentum is gathering in Solomon Islands football. I think from here we will achieve positive things for the game in Solomon Islands.
9. What message do you have for Solomon Island fans?
• Keep praying for the team, we cannot do much without the Lord.