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Training called for U19s

Players qualified for selection are those born on or after January 1st 1995 and a number of players playing in the current season of the Telekom S-League have been identified for the training squad. A number of other players called to attend training are from the former LEARN&play Program.
However, SIFF is calling on players who fit the age requirement but are not playing in the Telekom S-League or other sanctioned competition to register for training. Proof age will be required for final selection so players are advised to present their passports and/or birth certificates.
The first meeting will take place at the SIFF academy complex on Monday 3rd February, 2014 at 3:00pm. Every player is asked to make the effort to attend.
The upcoming tournament also serves as the qualification process for the 2015 FIFA Under-20 World Cup which is to be staged in New Zealand. With New Zealand out of the picture, at least from the qualifiers as hosts of the final competition, the race is for the first time only between island countries. Winning the competition would mean direct qualification to the FIFA U20 World Cup alongside New Zealand.
Solomon Islands’ last participation in this age category in the regional level was in 2011 when the competition was hosted by New Zealand – Solomon Islands finished second behind New Zealand.
A decision whether to attend the OFC U-19 Championship in May is still pending. As well, OFC is yet to decide a venue for the competition.
List of Selectees:
1. Philip MANGO
2. Joachim KAIRI
3. Lesley RAMO
4. Junior ZIMRI
5. Timothy BUNABO JNR
7. Fred BALA
8. Julius SUAVA
9. Atkin KAUA
10. George FIUSAU
11. Oswin BWAKI
12. Alibaba SIOVI
13. Dickson MAGGI
14. Christian ALADO
15. Nicholas LEE
16. Jimmy WALTER
17. Fred SIAPU
18. John Mark HAIHURU
19. Eddie SAUTAHEA
20. John Galvin
21. Andrew LEONARD
22. Clement A’GE
23. Junior JAMES
24. Gabriel BOSI
25. Rayqia SORO
26. Fred BALA
27. Sameka SHEM
28. Silas AHIKAU
29. Benjamin MAEDUA
30. John TONGOTO
31. George GIGINI
32. Christopher RUM
33. Jack PETER
34. Commins ABANA
35. Puddley GAFUTU
36. Alfie Mangatu LAI
37. Buamae JEROME
38. Charles TAEFA
39. Christopher ROHOIMAE
40. Vincent TAHISEU
41. Barnes TAUKU
42. Samson MALAUHU
43. Michael ROHIMANU
44. Mongrovenjo CHIKIA
45. Michael OIMAE
46. Patrick KOREIA
47. David LAENI
48. Clinton MAAPU
49. Ben GOME
50. Jayvin HARAKE
51. Brian HIROMAE
52. Paul NASIU
53. Denky TIONE
54. Morris PEDEOLIA
55. Mark TOROA
56. Anthony TALO