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Coaches broaden horizon in course

The Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) academy complex is hosting the course which will continue until the end of the week. A brief ceremony was held yesterday to open the course with the keynote address coming from SIFF general secretary, Eddie Ngava.
The first lesson proceeded straight after the opening ceremony as the coaches were introduced to the role of a coach with respect to managing players and preparing for training sessions and matches. The first indoor session ran for most of the morning but the coaches were given the opportunity to practice their knowledge in the outdoor session held in the afternoon.
Today the coaches covered a major section of the course which encompassed the tactical aspects of football. The day opened with an introduction into playing systems and later reached into modern trends currently experienced in the international game. Two field sessions were also held today in which the coaches practiced warm up sessions and passing and shooting drills with youth players from the SAS School of Excellence run by Severino Aefi. Tomorrow the tactics components should be completed after the subtopics of attacking organisation and defending organisation are covered.
There are 3 days remaining for the course to be completed and during that time the participants will cover with their instructors technical skills for players, conditioned small sided games and football fitness. The final component in the course is goalkeeping.
Commenting on the first 2 days, Noel Wagapu, who heads the SIFF technical department, says that he is happy and excited for the coaches who are going through the program.
“This course is really bringing in a lot of knowledge for the participants and I can see them enjoying the sessions with Didier,” Wagapu says. “This is a really good program and it really suits the participants. I am sure the knowledge base they develop here will enable them to work with youth to senior players in their clubs. I am happy and the participants are happy and I want to thank OFC for this program.”
Aspiring coach and participant of the course Peter Konata who represented Solomon Islands as a youth player in the mid-nineties also heaped praise on the course saying that it has really made him appreciate the importance of tactics in coaching.
“Solomon Islands has many excellent players in terms of technical skills but often we do not get the best out of them because of limited tactical skill. Hence, I am excited as a coach to be gaining a better understanding of systems of play and tactics from this course as it will help me in my own career as a coach,” Konata says.
“This course is also giving me confidence because it is part of a structure that gives coaches the opportunity to further their training. Once I complete this OFC C-Licence course I look forward to further my knowledge with more advanced courses.”
The OFC C-Licence course is part of the new coaching accreditation scheme being implemented by OFC in the region. Also attending the course are 3 participants from Bouganville in Papua New Guinea.

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