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Five PFAs mark women’s football day

Laughter, excitement and enjoyment were the keywords of the day as more than 500 women took part in the event across eight provinces including Makira Ulawa, Isabel, Honiara, Choisuel and Central Islands.
Key coordinator of the event is the Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) Women’s Football Development Officer, Diane Justus, who herself travelled to Tulagi in the Central Islands to witness the event there.
Ms. Justus says that the 2014 event is a great success as provincial governments have supported the event bigger than compared to ones experienced before and women’s football is starting to gain more traction, in the country.
”I am very pleased with the program for this year because this is the biggest celebration we’ve had in terms of participation and coverage. For me it shows that our communities are more welcoming of the idea of women playing football,” Ms. Justus says.
“I want to thank all the presidents of these PFAs who took the initiative to organise this event. I also acknowledge the church groups, provincial government offices especially sports, women, youth and health divisions, communities and families that supported this event.”
Key to the success of the event this year is the collaboration with government agencies, non-governmental organisations and the public sector. Celebrations in Isabel, Makira Ulawa and the Central Islands all had support from their local government. A number of local companies including Our Telekom were also part of the event.
“This is very positive for us to see because when we have a shared objective I think it also makes sense that we work together and share our resources to help better our communities. By working together we can achieve more for our young women,” Ms. Justus.
Now in its fifth year the Women’s Football Day is a day marked annually to promote the participation of women in football in Solomon Islands and opportunity for networking with potential partners where at the end of the day we don’t duplicate programmes but we both achieve our objectives with less costs – this year marks the biggest yet celebrations of the event. It was part of resolution from the FIFA Com-Unity Seminar on Women’s Football held in Honiara in 2009.