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Kurukuru fall to Carnicer Torrejon

The final score line was 3-0 in favour of the home side but the match revealed a lot of improvement in the Kurukuru side who had lost 7-0 to Australia in Brisbane last week. Defensively Kurukuru were more organised and the players were confident with each other. There was also better coordination in attack but finding the back of the net is still alluding them despite their getting the lion’s share of scoring chances.
Both sides came out firing in the opening stanza and Kurukuru were the one with the first chance to score but Samuel Osifelo failed to put it away. Carnicer Torrejon quickly got organised and replied with several promising attempts. Their closest forced Paul Huia to make an excellent reflex save.
The first half ended nil all reflecting the statistics which were roughly even for possession and goal scoring opportunities. If points were to be offered for creativity and initiative, however, they would have gone to Kurukuru who balanced good defending with some quick counterattacks.
The second half was pretty much the same story as the first half from a statistical perspective except for the one area that mattered. Kurukuru were looking to take home the game in the second half with a more attacking approach but this left them exposed and Carnicer Torrejon capitalised on that to a deadly effect with their superb finishing.
Carnicer Torrejon took the lead just before the 22nd minute when Kike scored from a rebound of Kurukuru’s Anthony Talo who opened the second half in the place of Huia. A few minutes later a lapse of concentration allowed the same player to break in and he chipped the ball the goalkeeper to give the home side a 2-0 lead.
With 9 minutes left on the clock Kurukuru employed a flying goalkeeper strategy with Elliot Ragomo taking the keeper’s role to add weight to their attack. This was effective for the Kurukuru in keeping the ball but Carnicer Torrejon were happy to just sit back and wait for a mistake. The mistake came on the right corner and Jorge Cavadas scored with a shot from deep inside his own half beating flying goalkeeper Ragomo who raced back to cover his goal.
Kurukuru desperately fought to get on the scoreboard but time was not on their side and the home team finished with a win. For Kurukuru scoring fail them today but the team can gather strength from a lot of positives in how they played.
Head coach, Dickson Kadau, commended his players for their improvement since the Australia game but reminded them that they need to win their matches.
“Compared to the friendly match against Australia, the boys are much better and that is important for us as we look ahead to the world cup. I felt today that we could have won but the result did not go our way. I am not satisfied with this result and I want us to get on the scoreboard and win,” Kadau said.
Kurukuru’s second friendly match in Spain will be against Caja Segovia, a first division club in Spain on Thursday. This will be followed by the friendly international against Spain on Saturday.

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