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FIFA course assist futsal refs

Twenty-nine participants from Honiara, Malaita, Makira Ulawa and Guadalcanal participated in the course which was run by FIFA Referee Assistance Program (RAP) officer, Neil Poloso. Several local instructors namely Robert Sulimae, Hamilton Siau, John Saohu and Jackson Namo were also part of the team that delivered the training. The course spanned over 6-days and culminated with the closing ceremony on Sunday.
The objective of the course was to bring the referees in Solomon Islands up to speed on the interpretation and application of the futsal laws of the game to standards practised at the international level. This is to ensure that there is uniform understanding of the laws and their application is consistent. The course was also aimed to assessing the knowledge of local referees to help develop future programs for Solomon Islands.
The course opened with a theory session and the remaining days were a mixture of theory and practical lessons. Each day was ended with a review test of the lessons the participants covered. A fitness test was also conducted as part of the requirements for the course and this was carried out by Matthew Taro.
Poloso said that the course was the first of its kind to be held in Solomon Islands and it should set the pace for further courses of a similar nature to take place here.
“It was a very successful course indeed – especially for the futsal referees who participated in the course. The programme is the first FIFA Futsal refereeing programme conducted in the country and it is well overdue – a follow-up course must be planned for 2012 or 2013 depending on the needs Solomon Islands has,” Poloso said.
Poloso praised the enthusiasm displayed by the participants but he also pointed out that a lot of hard work needs to be done to bring the quality of futsal refereeing in Solomon Islands forward. Poloso said that the only way for referees to improve is to train, practice and officiate in more matches.
“From my observations during the course – 70% of participants showed some very good refereeing technique and their understanding and interpretation of the futsal laws of the game was at a competent level (good standard) – all they need to do is keep practising and improve,” Poloso said.
The referee development officer for the Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF), Justin Mutukera, was also delighted with the successful end to the course and he welcomed the idea for more courses to be held in the future.
“I agree with Poloso that such a course has been needed here for a long time and we thank the FIFA RAP team for making this first one possible. I am sure that the development of futsal received a great push forward with the course and the participants will attest to that when they take to courts throughout the country. My office will ensure that our referees are supported with similar programs as we continue developing the technical support for futsal,” Mutukera said.
The venue for the course was the Women’s Development Centre in Honiara and the practical sessions were held at the Honiara City Council (HCC) owned multipurpose hall in Chinatown.
List of Course Participants:
1. Tatahu Charles Alfred – Makira Ulawa Football Association
2. Kamusu Rex – Honiara Football Association
3. Mana Philip – Honiara Football Association
4. Ruku Kenwood – Makira Ulawa Football Association
5. Waahero Lisa Ms – Honiara Football Association
6. Daka Kerry – Malaita Football Association
7. Jimmy Nagarita Ms – Honiara Football Association
8. Sabe Simon – Honiara Football Association
9. Baocheche Kere Guadalcanal Football Association
10. Bosokura Alifai – Malaita Football Association
11. Wanedala Ephraim Robert – Malaita Football Association
12. Waleurifo Obadiah – Honiara Football Association
13. Riotarau Gabriel – Malaita Football Association
14. Limai Fredrick . – Honiara Football Association
15. Wane James – Honiara Football Association
16. Ramofafia Frax – Honiara Football Association
17. Torikeni Festus – Central Islands Football Association
18. Fou Ellison – Honiara Football Association
19. Taraumae Peter Clay – Malaita Football Association
20. Savara Silas – Honiara Football Association
21. Dagi Naphtalae Rico – Makira Ulawa Football Association
22. Sanau John Guadalcanal Football Association
23. Lui Jerrial Oeta – Malaita Football Association
24. Choi Joycelyn Ms Guadalcanal Football Association
25. Ali Alpheus – Honiara Football Association
26. Alisi Elisha – Makira Ulawa Football Association
27. Iemane Reggie – Honiara Football Association
28. Ama Joseph – Isabel Football Association
29. Gwao Allen – Malaita Football Association

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