Asipara makes final cut

The announcement of the squad comes just one month away from the kick off date on January 8th, 2011.
According to Asipara his selection is based on the fitness level, skills, coordination and the experience of the players in international competitions.
“The list was finalised after a number of tests which we conducted during our training sessions in the past weeks,” Asipara says adding that “This is a good crop of players and I am quite confident that we have the best possible side to represent our country in the OFC championship.”
The majority of the players in the final squad are from the Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) LEARN&play U-16 team that won the TVL International U-16 tournament in Vanuatu in January this year but a number of youth Futsal players have also made the cut.
Asipara explained that the current selection is centred around defence which he believes will be a key component for success when playing at the Oceania level.
“I want my players to be able to defend from anywhere on the field as soon as we lose the ball,” Asipara says.
“With this ability we can set up counter attacks against our opponents from any position on the field.”
Asipara also commented that he is satisfied with the progress the team is making in training and looks forward to their pre-tournament camp when they will move into the tactical and mental part of their preparations.
The preparations of the U-17 side is expected to receive a boost this month (December) from the contribution of current and former national players featuring the likes of Jacob Moli, Gideon Omokirio, Henry Fa’arodo and Commins Menapi who will be working with the team on areas like shooting and defending with the aim of refining the individual skill of the players.
Head of Delegation, Phillip Ohoto’ona says that the experience of these senior players is invaluable and a few sessions with the U-17 team will help the youth players to build their edge against their opponents.
“The team management strongly feels that as part of the players’ preparation they should work with experienced players who can give them that little extra in terms of technique and how to maintain composure when under pressure,” Ohoto’ona says.
This week the team is continuing to work on the fitness and endurance.
Solomon Islands national U-17 squad:
1. Jerry MISIMAKE (LEARN&play – Aligegeo)
20. Phillip MANGO (LEARN&play-King George the Sixth/Marist)
2. Fred BALA (LEARN&play-King George the Sixth)
3. Benjamin POLU (LEARN&play – Aligegeo)
4. Rickson UVI (LEARN&play-King George the Sixth)
5. Junior ALBERT (LEARN&play – Goldie College)
18. George LADOGA (Marist)
6. Jimmy RARAMANE (LEARN&play – Aligegeo)
7. Clarence BONSLEY (LEARN&play – Goldie College)
8. Dickson BUA (LEARN&play – Aligegeo)
9. Gabriel BOSI (LEARN&play – Aligegeo)
12. Fredrick DOLA (LEARN&play-King George the Sixth)
13. Oswin BWAGI (LEARN&play – Aligegeo)
14. Eric MASON (LEARN&play – Goldie College)
19. Maeron FA’ARODO (LEARN&play – Aligegeo)
10. Harrison MALA (King George the Sixth School)
11. John BITIAI (LEARN&play – Goldie College)
15. Solo KUKI Koloale)
16. Alex WAIMORA (Koloale)
17. Atana FA’ARODO Koloale)