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Omokirio, Justus step closer to instructorship

The FIFA Grassroots/Youth Instructor Course which was run in Wellington from 6-11 May was jointly hosted by the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) and FIFA. FIFA instructors Didier Chambaron and Daniel Shirley instructed the course which was attended by participants from around Oceania.
The six-day course focussed on skills that are important to becoming effective facilitators such as communication, how to deliver effectively and more generally how to plan, monitor and evaluate effective courses using the course process: identifying objectives and developing content based on achieving those objectives.
However, the patch to instructorship will not be complete at the end of the course. Upon their return home, the prospective instructors must conduct or assist in one OFC D Licence Part 1 (coaching players 5 to 12) and 2 (coaching players 13 to 16), and should also be regularly involved in grassroots and community football workshops.
OFC instructors will follow up on the progress of each participant and assess their capabilities before any accreditation, which is required to become an instructor, can be delivered.
Shirley says throughout the week there will be plenty of opportunities for participants to practice both in the classroom and on the pitch at Memorial Park, making it a very hands-on course.
“We have built this into the delivery of the course as it provides an excellent opportunity for participants to get more practice and feel it is an effective learning tool,” he says.
“We want them to feel more confident and comfortable as facilitators when returning to their member associations so at the end of the day they can produce better coaches.”
Speaking from Wellington Omokirio, says the course is real confidence builder and he looks forward to putting his new found knowledge into practice back home.
“This course has highlighted some important areas in educating young players that we sometimes overlook. It has made me realise that role of an instructor is pivotal in the development of a player and care must be taken to ensure the training you provide is of a high quality,” Omokirio says.
Story courtesy of OFC.