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Koloale names O-league team

Koloale’s list comes out just 2 weeks before their first O-League match of the season, against Fiji champions Lautoka on Saturday 23rd of October, 2010.
A total of 26 players have made the final cut for Koloale’s O-League campaign with the list featuring some of the top players in Solomon Islands.
Standing out in the Koloale line up are defenders George Suri and Samson Takayama who will be expected to strengthen their defensive lines, an area they were vigorously searching for players for during their recruitment exercise.
Takayama has performed excellently in the 2008 O-League where he contributed massively to KOSSA’s run to the finals where they lost to then New Zealand champions, Waitakere United.
Suri brings with him experience from playing in New Zealand where he has featured for Auckland City and also the East Coast Bays.
Upfront, Benjamin Totori has been named to shoulder the bulk of the scoring responsibilities.
Most notably, he will not be partnering with Henry Fa’arodo who has committed to Hekari United for the 2010 FIFA World Club Championship.
Instead at his disposal Totori has the experienced Ezra Sale and youngster Ian Paia who will be partnering him.
The partnership between Paia and Totori has been proven to be effective against local clubs but how that will work out in the O-League is something everyone will have to wait and see.
Utility forward Joses Nawo will be there to provide support to the Koloale attack as well as to the midfield where he has been known to be lethal from.
The most interesting inclusion in the team is former national goalkeeper Felix Ray Jnr. who has shifted from the blue/white of Honiara champions Makuru to don the green and gold of Koloale for the O-League.
Ray is one of the top goalkeepers in the country and having him as a support goalkeeper for Shadrack Ramoni will be very valuable for Koloale.
Koloale last represented Solomon Islands in the 2008/09 O-League where they reached the finals against Auckland City.
Club vice-president, Timothy Aruafu, is saying that Koloale will try to rise above their mistakes in their last O-League outing this season.
“We will try and use every opportunity to win all our matches,” Aruafu said adding that they are not threatened by their opponents recruiting overseas players for their line ups.
Koloale have remained true to their word and have not imported any foreign players into their squad unlike most of the opponents they will be coming up against in the O-League.
In an interview earlier this year, coach Peter Eke had said there is no need for Koloale to look for players overseas because Solomon Island has all the players any team needs.
The Koloale line-up:
1. Shadrack Ramoni (GK)
2. Eddie Ramo (GK)
3. Felix Ray Jnr. (GK)
4. Leonard Olea
5. Jeffery Bule
6. Francis Lafai
7. Samson Takayama
8. Augustine Samani
9. Lency Saeni
10. Steve Saru
11. Steve Anisi
12. Welshman Houkaraua
13. Fred Kini
14. Presly Futa
15. Henry Wale
16. Ezra Sale
17. Ian Paia
18. Benjamin Totori
19. Gabriel Eke
20. Joses Nawo
21. Peter Auga
22. Hardis Aengari
23. George Suri
24. Cecil Buru
25. Mostyn Beui
26. Abraham Eke Jnr.