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Koloale 1 v Auckland City 4

Koloale: 20. Shadrack RAMONI [GK], 4. Cecil BURU, 5. Samson TAKAYAMA, 3. Freddie KINI, 25. Francis LAFAI, 18. Henry FA’ARODO, 19. Joses NAWO, 9. Benjamin TOTORI, 13. Lency SAENI, 11. Ian PAIA, 15. Mostyn BEUI, Subs: 1. Eddie RAMO [GK], 10. Ezra SALE, 16. James NAKA, 24. Willy DAUDAU , 26. Molis GAGAME
Coach: Peter EKE
Auckland City: 1. Jacob SPOONLEY [GK], 3. Ian HOGG, 5. Angel BERLANGA, 6. Chad COOMBES, 8. David MULLIGAN, 9. Manel EXPOSITO, 11. Daniel KOPRIVCIC, 13. Alex FENERIDIS, 14. Adam DICKINSON, 15. Ivan VICELICH, 16. Albert RIERA, Subs: 10. Luis CORRALES, 12. Liam LITTLE [GK], 17. Adam McGEORGE, 20. Emiliano TADE, 21. Andreu GUERAO, 22. Andrew MILNE
Referee: Andrew ACHARI [FIJ]
Assistant referee 1: Jackson NAMO [SOL]
Assistant referee 2: Noel BERRY [SOL]
Fourth official: Nelson SOGO [SOL]
0m Game kicks off.
2m No side is getting convincing possession as the ball shifts between the 2 teams. Koloale are trying to drive the game with long passes but they are not getting it right.
4m Auckland City are looking more composed as they control more of the ball. Koloale are defending well.
6m Benjamin Totori wins a corner kick. The kicks comes in but the ball is headed away. Koloale are playing confidently moving the ball around. Auckland City are waiting for Koloale to make mistakes.
10m Koloale are gaining more control of the game. Another corner went to waste as Auckland City use their superior height to clear the ball away.
13m A free kick by Manel Exposito goes in dangerously but Francis Lafai heads it away.
19m Koloale win a 30 yard free kick outside the Auckland City penalty area. Totori takes the kick and almost gets it in but the ball turns away at the last moment.
21m PENALTY:Auckland City win a penalty. Kini went in too hard against a forward and Andrew Achari points to the spot without hesitation.
22m GOAL Auckland City 1 – Koloale 0 Exposito takes the kick and sends Shadrack Ramoni the wrong way with a powerful low shot.
25m Henry Fa’arodo curves in a free kick to the far post but nobody gets to it in time. A loose clearance is met by Joses Nawo who hammers a low drive in but it goes wide.
28m A well worked corner kick goes to waste for Auckland City as the fourth player in the string of passes, David Mulligan, sends his shot too high.
29m Nawo runs down the line and makes the cross in but none of his teammates are there to meet the ball. Auckland City make another easy escape.
35m Auckland City almost go 2 up nil when Chad Coombes beats his marker for a one-on-one with Ramoni but he sends his shot straight to the Koloale keeper.
37m Auckland City are allowing Koloale to play but they are quick to pick up loose balls and turn the heat on their opponents.
41m Koloale still maintain the lion’s share of possession but Auckland City are rock solid at the back and they cannot find a way through.
43m A shot cross gives Alex Feneridis with the chance to score but his header just clips the goal post and goes out for a goal kick.
45m Additional time of 1 minute will be played.
The second half kicks off.
46m Koloale have made some changes with their players on the field. Henry Fa’arodo is moved to a more attacking position. Ian Paia and Benjamin Totori are dropped back slighty.
48m Totori tries a shot from outside the penalty box but it is blocked back into the field.
49m YELLOW CARD Joses Nawo of Koloale is yellow carded for a late tackle on Manuel Exposito.
50m YELLOW CARD Albert Riera of Auckland City is yellow carded for holding.
51m SUBSTITUTION 14. Adam Dickinson is replaced by 21. Andrew Guerao for Auckland City.
54m GOAL Auckland City 2 – Koloale 0: Exposito breaks free on the far side and chips the ball over Ramoni for Auckland City’s second of the day.
59m Koloale are pushing hard for the equaliser but their short passes are failing them. Auckland City maintain their cool and wait for Koloale to make a mistake before pouncing with full force.
62m Francis Lafai makes a neat cross for Ian Paia on the far side but Jacob Spoonley punches the ball away. It was one of the rare moments in the game when Koloale could get the ball inside the Auckland City penalty box.
65m A corner kick from Nawo finds Fa’arodo in the box but his header hits defending player and the ball is cleared away.
68m A smart pass from Nawo reaches Mostyn Beui in the box but Auckland City are quick to cover him with 2 defenders and he is not able to get the shot in. A corner follows and once again Nawo finds Beui but this time the midfielder puts too much to his shot and the ball sails over the cross bar.
69m SUBSTITUTION 9. Manuel Exposito is replaced by 20. Emiliano Tade for Auckland City.
71m SUBSTITUTION 13. Lency Saeni is replaced by 16. James Naka for Koloale. The crowd gives the national left flanker a warm welcome as he enters the pitch.
73m PENALTY Naka wins a penalty 2 minutes after coming on. A long cross from Nawo put him in a dangerous positon and too much pressure was exerted by Coombes inside the box.
74m GOAL Auckland City 2 – Koloale 1: Benjamin Totori scores the penalty kick and the ‘Go Koloale Go!’ chant rises from the Koloale supporters.
77m SUBSTITUTION 14. Adam Dickinson is replaced by 17. Adam McGeorge for Auckland City.
80m Auckland City are trying to seal the game and are pushing hard against Koloale. This has left them a little exposed and Koloale are threatening them as well.
83m SUBSTITUTION 15. Mostyn Beui is replaced by 26. Molis Gagame Jnr. for Koloale.
84m A stunning show of skill control sees Naka free in the penalty box and he sets up Totori for the shot but the striker sends the ball wide.
85m Adam McGeorge almost beats Ramoni with a first time shot but the keeper goes low to deny the replacement forward.
86m GOAL Auckland City 3 – Koloale 1: David Mulligan makes it 3 – 1 in favour of the visitors as his hopeful chip beats Ramoni who tried to recover his ground but was too late. Auckland City can almost taste victory but a couple more minutes are left on the clock.
90m Stoppage time of 4 minutes remain to be played.
90m + 1m SUBSTITUTION 11. Ian Paia is replaced by 10. Ezra Sale
90m + 3m GOAL Auckland City 4 – Koloale 1: David Mulligan hammers home Auckland City’s fourth goal from a rebound. Ramoni did have time to recover from the earlier shot.
Full time is signalled.

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