Marist take third place

It was veteran player/coach, Jerry Sam, who turned their fortunes around when his side was trailing at the break. His equaliser provided the final push for Marist to overcome their demons and take control of the game.
Koloale were favourites to take the game and were they quick to stamp their control through Jeffery Bule who grabbed a double before former national futsal defender, Francis Lafai, took their total up to 3.
Marist made things a little bit easier for themselves by scoring 2 goals before the half time break to make the score line look a less one sided. John Misitana and Jason Geseni were the ones who sneaked past the Koloale defenders and delivered the goals.
The second half saw Marist look more composed but Koloale were still leading and they had their work cut out for them. The turnaround came when Sam equalised and then the momentum of the game suddenly swung their way. Realising that they could still win the game Marist started pressuring the Koloale side for an opening to take the game.
Bule was Koloale’s key man and when he started to tire his team began to give way to Marist. John Misitana put the them in front with 5 minutes to spare before Gabriel Bosi sealed the win with a lucky goal taking the score line to 5 – 3 which was a comfortable enough lead for them to defend until the final whistle.
Speaking after the game, Sam, said that his players refused to believe that they were out of contention.
“We knew what Koloale could do but we were patient and eventually things came our way. The players in this team are young so this is a big achievement for all of us and I know that this team will get stronger from our experience,” Sam said.

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