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Lawson Tama rooftop undergoing repairs

A local construction company has spent the last 2 weeks removing all the old roofing iron and replacing them with new ones.
Bearers holding the rooftop have also been replaced with certain sections now being fitted with additional support timber.
This is good news for spectators who sometimes complain about rain leaking through certain patches of the Lawson Tama roof top.
The better news is that television cameras can now be stationed on the rooftop again to record local and international matches after almost 12 months in which media access to the rooftop was restricted.
The area under the commentary box will be fitted with metal girders for extra strength to support the weight of media equipment and personnel working on the rooftop.
Railing will also be installed in the media area on the rooftop for the safety of people working there.
Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) General Secretary, Eddie Ngava, said that the refitting exercise was purposely for the strengthening of the Lawson Tama rooftop for media but the replacement of roofing iron will benefit spectators.
“With the O-League and other important matches coming up, SIFF is ensuring that television and radio personnel can work from the rooftop effectively and safely and spectators can enjoy watching matches from underneath in unfriendly weather,” Ngava said.
Local O-League matches coordinator, Noel Wagapu, is happy about the work that is being carried on the rooftop as the local organising committee prepares for the first match of the 2010/11 season.
“Having television people back on the rooftop is a very important development especially from a media point of view,” Wagapu said.
The refitting of the Lawson Tama stadium is funded by the Win in Oceania project.